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.577 Snider-Enfield and Fenian Raid Medals

The Snider-Enfield served the Canadian Militia both pre and post Confederation (1867) and throughout the Fenian Raids.

The Medals are the Canadian General Service Medals 1866 and 1870.

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Actually, the Snider-Enfield was not in service in pre-Confederation Canada.  The first shipment of Snider-Enfield rifles did not arrive in Canada from the United Kingdom until the end of August of 1867.  (Ref: p. 51, "Defending the Dominion - Canadian Military Rifles 1855-1955", David W. Edgecombe.) Prior to rearming with the Snider, the standard-issue rifle of the Canadian Militia was the muzzle-loading Enfield rifle, with a number of supplemental breech-loaders (Peabody rifles, Spencer rifles and carbines, and Starr carbines acquired from the United States in 1866 and early 1867

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Hi GrantRCanada,

Thank you form your comment and the correction, it is appreciated. When I saw this post I had forgotten about making the original entry way back in 2012. 



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