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Grandfather Visits

Chuck In Oregon

The children are social orphans, abandoned at the Telavi Children's Home at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountain Range in eastern Georgia. They are are from a badly fractured family. There was no longer any food or clothing for them and there never would be, ever again.

Grandfather walks the seven miles from their village to the home every Saturday to visit the children. He has nothing for them but love, but he gives it generously. He brings news from the village, from and about absent friends and relatives. They are each holding small gifts from foreign donors who will never see them and whom they will never meet. The gifts are often the first things these children have ever owned for themselves. Grandfather is taking his gift back to the village. There are always more children. It is bitterly cold in the Caucasus but grandfather will continue his Saturday walks, despite the weather, for the rest of his life. Because that's what love does.

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Holy crap... Talk about having a lump in one's throat...

And we in the West still find ways to complain daily about our cushy existence...

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