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    Luftwaffe Double Rows: General der Flak Zenetti 02


    Usually the upper row of two was smaller due to the wide tunic lapels, but General Zenetti has centered his rather than sliding it over toward his shoulder.

    He has also chosen 25mm ribbons when 11 would have fit... barely... in a single 15mm width ribbons row. This is a definte personal fashioon statement.

    Normally, when two rows were worn, the upper one contained the "most important" awards and could be worn alone as a form of reduced daily wear. For that reason such rows sometimes ended with the Hindenburg Cross (as General Dr. Koschel's did, in the main text section), or with the Wehrmacht Long Service awards, if enough jubilee, peacetime, and foreign awards followed to make the lower row roughly the same length.

    General Zenetti, however, has chosen to split his rows in the MIDDLE of his Wehrmacht long service awards pair. His gold 25 "hummingbird" dangles at the end of his upper bar, while his gold 12 "hummingbird" leads off the second row.

    So if ONLY the top row was worn, it "broke the set."

    Courtesy of Robert Noss.

    From the album:

    Ribbon Bar Photos in Wear

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