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  1. Both of them are a little bit more uncommon, becouse of the size of the swords under the crown - they are a bit smaller. I have got several pieces of a militry branch in my collection; this attached photo is for comparsion the size of the swords. Your Leopold with small "I" on the reverse is a beautiful and rare piece It has an unusual shape of the crown also.
  2. I really don't know - no doubt, that you are right if it's wtitten in this act, but It's very uncommnon to wear somebody's order or medal officialy. Even if it's a mother of fallen soldier. I have no idea if such a thing is possible in some other Europian country (I mean old classic orders). Thank you for your explanation Old Leopold I orders are really nice :)
  3. Hello, the black stripe means posthumous award, members of the family are not allowed to wear this order for their sons, fathers, etc. Anyway - really nice pieces. Leopold with 2 golden stripes is rarely seen Do you know who is the manufacturer of the order with 2 golden stripes? The first one is Wolfers and the second possible Fonson? Bagramjan
  4. Hello, the order is certainly an original, but identify the date of manufacture is quite difficult, becouse there were so many variants. In my opinion this piece is made in the period 1920 - 1965. The dating will be more accurate If you post the whole set of medals ;)
  5. Hello Lorenzo, The black colour is used because of the mourning and red colour recalls shed blood on the Yser battlefield. About 40 000 Belgian soldiers died there. Bagramjan
  6. Hello Lambert, I will write to Bill for sure Thanks again Bagramjan
  7. Thank you lambert, it's a really interesting site with a lot of amazing belgian decorations, but unfortunately there is no match with my medal at all. Again, thanks for posting this link;)
  8. Thanks, I´ve also tried very hard to find anything but failed. Here is the reverse, which is the same as front part. The medal has nice enamels and is made from good quality brass. I think it´s a pre-war (2WW) piece, becouse of it´s quality.
  9. Hello, I need to identify this medal. It is some kind of unofficial service medal maybe, becouse it looks like civil decoration for long service in the administration, and has the same dimensions without flower like extensions. Thanks for your replies.
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