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  1. This is a silverwashed badge.The diameter is ca 5cm . Who can tell me more about it. I suppose it is rare? Benten
  2. NSBO NSHAGO und DAF Tagung 9-10.6 1934 Erfurt.... Hope it will work this time.... benten
  3. Some days ago an SS pin was offered to me . I know the enameled type but this was a type that I never have seen before and I wonder if it is an existing type of badge. I have no picture, but here is a description: -It was silver or silvered, not enameled. -the diameter of the round badge was about 11mm , with a knurled pin attached of about 50mm. -On the badge were depicted the SS runes with a oakleaves wreath around the SS runes. No marks on the backside. Could be a miniature for civil costume use? Has someone of you seen this type of pin before? I thank you in advance. benten
  4. Who can help me to find info about the staff of the condor legion , after Sperrle, the years 1938 and 1939. Perhaps a good link. Means S88 , Sonderstab88 or Stab88 ? I thank you in advance. benten
  5. Ian, this tinnie has a very strong design! The 3 dimensional sword is placed far off out the shield. It enforces the effect of power . You only find this in nazi art. An interesting tinnie. Benten
  6. This cap badge is 33 mm from point to point. I suppose it is because the red star Communistic ..... on the backside the text ZUKOV PRAHA XL ( ?) Prague- Tsjechoslowakia ? Any info about this badge is welcome. benten Please if there is a better place to post this topic , feel free to do so.
  7. Thank you for posting your badges and your kind replies. Peter, probably the Nazis made this medal and put the names of the nations in their own language (inculding the depicted soldiers) to show the rest of the world their absolute fair election under control of these nations. The hand and the election box should give a nutral idea of a fair election in 1935. I suppose the ribbon is German. A very nice and interesting medal. Cheers, Benten
  8. This badge is about the victory of the Nazi-party in the Saar-territory in 1935. Saarland went "Heim ins Reich", return to Germany. In the centre the symbols for Saarland industry; coalmining, iron and steel ,the crossed hammers. and symbol for agriculure-wine, the grapes. Text around "Saarabstimmung 13.1.1935"; "Saar election 13.1.1935" Text in the centre: "Bund der Saarpfalz-vereine" ; "Union of the Saarpfalz associations". On the backside; Ent(wurf)( design); A. Bernd Jr. Ausf(?hrung)( production ); F. Mannheim K(aisers)lautern (city) for who is interested in more about the history of the Saarpfalz......http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saar_%28protectorate%29 Cheers, Benten
  9. Kevin thank you for your little and pleasant lesson; I've learned something new today. Benten
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