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  1. Wondering if the forum could help me out and ID a button for me!I recently got an officers tunic and not sure of the regiment, iv a feeling this might be a staff officer as the officer was a major in the 70s and with the ribbon bar from the 2000s would make sense he could be a higher rank! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated 

    s-l1600 (34).jpg


  2. IV returned a set of medal that were stolen in the 20s from the family and the family bought them off me(actually the story is very very interesting and I can tell it if you guys want!) at the price I bought them for! 

    I'd agree with the thinking that for the most part most families at one point have sold them and very few of them will take them out of the drawers after they get them versus even framing them. I don't think you owe it to the families to send them back free of charge!!

  3. to get a service record of a british officer/enlisted man you need to get prove to the ministry of defence

    (MOD)hes been dead for more then 25 years, this is done by getting his death cert,you then have to fill out an application form and send a cheque for £30 made payable to the MOD ,its a pain to be honest but can yield great results! heres the form you need to fill out for the MOD


    i dont have the link for where you can get the death cert(thought i had it!) but i do know it costs about £9 to get it!

    hope it helps a bit!

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