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  1. The stars from left to right there the 1939 to 45 star the Burma star then the ww2 war medal the last medal is a ww1 victory medal, is that last medal named? The ribbon bar is the wrong way round and the only missing medal is the defence medal which is that green and ribbon on the ribbon bar
  2. Here's a quote from"yes prime minister" Bernard Woolley: In the service, CMG stands for Call Me God. And KCMG for Kindly Call Me God. Hacker: What does GCMG stand for? Bernard: God Calls Me God
  3. Very old thread but heres my offering to it!picked it up on eBay,no marks on the back just a brass plate and pin. iv a other enameled 14/15 ribbon some where just can't find it
  4. Fantastic group but if you got a MID weren't you entitled to a 1939 45 star as well? I wonder as well if she wasn't entitled to a war medal or a defence medal to?
  5. Ah I see!well that's not that much of a deterrent to any would be fakers out there!
  6. He got 2 years with 18 months suspended so I'm reading it hes going to jail for 6 months and to bloody right he should be good to jail for it!
  7. Here's a question, given the fact the jublee medals are at the front could this be the bottom half of a group with maybe some ww1 ww2 and campaigns medals so instead of a group of 13 it's could be a group of 20/23?
  8. Just to update IV checked the rolls for the 1953 coronation medal(last ribbon) and Peter Harry May is listed there and it matches what awards he had then(OBE was after 53) and what has been listed in the above posts,his service number to find his entries on the London gazette is 56729 ,hope this helps a bit for you!(also IV attached his entry in the 53 rolls)
  9. Wondering if the forum could help me out and ID a button for me!I recently got an officers tunic and not sure of the regiment, iv a feeling this might be a staff officer as the officer was a major in the 70s and with the ribbon bar from the 2000s would make sense he could be a higher rank! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  10. IV returned a set of medal that were stolen in the 20s from the family and the family bought them off me(actually the story is very very interesting and I can tell it if you guys want!) at the price I bought them for! I'd agree with the thinking that for the most part most families at one point have sold them and very few of them will take them out of the drawers after they get them versus even framing them. I don't think you owe it to the families to send them back free of charge!!
  11. hers something else! in 35 there was the kings jubilee and they issued a medal for that to!i checked the rolls and here is the vons off that list!!!
  12. von schweppenburg is intresting!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Geyr_von_Schweppenburg
  13. yup he was indeed awarded this medal!dont think he would have worn it much though after getting it!(oh and the rolls arent avaible to the public but i got them from a contact on another forum!) heres a screen shot of the page hes listed in!hope it helps!!!
  14. to get a service record of a british officer/enlisted man you need to get prove to the ministry of defence (MOD)hes been dead for more then 25 years, this is done by getting his death cert,you then have to fill out an application form and send a cheque for £30 made payable to the MOD ,its a pain to be honest but can yield great results! heres the form you need to fill out for the MOD https://www.gov.uk/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records i dont have the link for where you can get the death cert(thought i had it!) but i do know it costs about £9 to get it! hope it helps a bit!
  15. heres the wiki entry!looks like the rosette was automatically awarded and much rarer to have it with out! !also if you look at say brit ww2 medals it was more to do with being in a war zone then in combat itself to be entitled to a campaign and its the same here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Atlantic_Medal
  16. Iv an eithopian Order of Emperor Menelik II and I think maybe one or two more il be moving on!
  17. It's blue gold blue il post some pics when I get home!
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