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  1. picked this up on a another forum! the job on its been done very well and the brooch is pretty nice as well!sadly its been partially erased! the numbers i can make out is 29---9 (i think)then PTE then at the very end R what would the chances be of getting the serial number by adding in the various missing digits and taking it from there?i probably wont mess with it as well this looks like some-one was proud of this!!thanks for any help!! :beer:

  2. yup i have the same info hes the one from Garstang,i have his census from 1911 and hes a horse handler that was living in Garstang in 1911!is that the same person?if so thats simply AMAZING that you got a pic of him!!!if theres anything i can do just let me know!!!this forum just gets better each day!!! :beer: :cheers:

  3. Chris, the British Star-like medal is Nigerian: For Bravery. It seems to have been struck on WW2 star dies with a different centre. I'll be posting in the appropriate section in due course. The minis are the WW1 French Victory Medal and the Voluntary Combattants Cross. I like the way some veteran, when it broke, sewed it onto the ribbon...upside-down.

    The Wound Ribbon is very nice, isn't it? I also like the WW1 CdG with the tiny Palm.

    The painted/printed ribbon bars are not often seen, Noor. However, I do know of a little box containing a few of them, which I think I will buy. Dublin is, sadly, not the best of places for militaria. I grew up in Upper Mount Street in the 1960s and often go back as I still have family there. I've only seen two militaria dealers there in recent years.

    That's the great thing about our hobby, isn't it? Things don't have to be top end or hyper-expensive to give you a thrill when you find them and to give others pleasure.


    sadly PK both those dealers are gone!!!!! and yup not much round just 2 fairs and one guy selling coins and few medals in Georges arcade is about it!!

  4. yeah i was thinking the same thing myself! this is a very high gallantry award that be researched!ALOT of other such gallantry awards cant be research so the history is lost from them!!!this is why iv also started to like British stuff as the research being them can be fascinating!! the lads of in war found out his final rank was as a corporal!the ONLY pity is that i cant find out how he was awarded it sadly!!(being awarded to late he was only put dwn in the gazette that he was awarded it!)

  5. FINALLY got myself a military medal!been wanting one of these ever since i started collecting(even when i was collecting german medals!!) after seeing a broken erased one in an auction!!! nothing mad special just to a Royal Field Artillery guy!got it in late 18 so not much detail on how he got it!on the rim is

    116509 GNR-L.BMBR:-A.CROSS A.315/A BDE:R.F.A

    might not be to a famous reg but i love it!!has a bit of research on the guy but im going to get a better copy of his MIC card to see what else he got!i think its been cleaned but not dipped! i dont mind that to much either!!!any way here she is and she will be going right next to my military cross!!! :love: :beer:

  6. just came back from paris ans this shop


    was good!picked up a Tunisian order and the guy threw in a nice french bar with the deal!and he was cool with haggling over price also hes RIGHT by the metro!!!!

  7. picked this order of Nishan al-Iftikhar up in paris (i think its also french made)and i was wondering does anyone know the period as i cant match up the cypher in the center with a few cyphers iv seen on line and here on gmic(theres another thread with a table of cyhpers but no luck!!)any help would be great!!(sorry for the c#ap pics there about the best i can do till monday!) :beer:

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