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  1. What I liked with your post is that they are miniatures. They are so often neglected and whilst they can't be easily researched - or, have a great value - there are still good genuine and inexpensive groups to be bought. Within our ranks I can only think of Noor and Thomas (in Capetown) who regularly show examples. Who else collects mins. ?

    i have to say after getting this set i am quite fond of them and im going to see if i cant get a few more!the detail on them is simply amazing and well i probably wouldnt have been able to afford the full set!!!it is a pity the we cant get a name but that life i guess! :beer:

  2. He would have required a total 36 years service to qualify for a Bar to the LSGC so that would take us to 1950-1954. I have a feeling that he may have been commissioned - the wearing of miniatures by ORs during the 1940/1950s was not as prevalent then as it is now. If so then he would have to have served at least 30 of the 36 years in the ranks

    Would be a very nice full size group to have.

    would be a VERY interesting group to have full size as then it would be named and we could find out what he did to actually get it!!!

    still a nice interesting set a 2 war vet!!!!thanks for all the info!! :beer:

  3. so was thinking about this bar and im going to take a stab at his career! joined in late 1918 maybe didnt leave the army till after the war then rejoined after 36 and was there for ww2 but not in a active area of operation so didnt get the 39-45 star(which i meant about asking why the 39-45 was missing!sorry bout that!) and during this time he was awarded the BEM and then qualified for the general service medal and was at some point in Palestine!i suspect this guy was a desk jockey during ww2!!!pity we cant get an ID!!would i be right??(again its a wild stab at this!!)thanks again!! :beer:

  4. The BEM was awarded to enlisted ranks below the rank of Substantive Warrant officer. The WW2 medal entitlements indicates service at Home i.e. he did not appear to enter an active theatre of Operations. The LSGC indicates a regular with at least 18 years service - although this now becomes problematical as in order to qualify for the WW1 pair he must have enlisted by the latest 1918. THis would mean that he became entitled to the LSGC by 1936 = George Vth obverse. (There could have been an element of split service but I am not sure what previous service, if any, was allowed to be carried forward for the LSGC)

    Due to the combination I doubt if it would be possible to put a name to the group

    thanks for the info! so does it mean that the LSGC medal shouldnt be on or was maybe a mistake or is it still illegit???thanks again!! :beer:

  5. so i am over with the girlfriend visiting her friends and i managed to pick this up in a little shop in shrewsbury!its a nice 7 place mini with a nice British Empire Medal on it! my question though about it is,who would this be to? (officer NCO or enlisted?) also shouldnt there be a 39-45 medal on it? and finally any chance of an ID as the BEM isnt to common! any help would be great!!thanks!! :beer:

  6. Paddy!!!! That is superb!!!!1 :jumping: :jumping:

    It was often used as a form of "House order" by the Emperor. Many, many imperial Guard officers received this class -and not a few foreign advisers :cheers: (including Irish UN troops) too!

    If you ever wish to part with that tasty tidbit....... :cheers:

    thanks for the full name megan!!! and well ulsterman i love this as much as you do so dont think shes going any where!!actually it was gotten off our very own gmic bout 2 years ago!! :beer:

  7. hers my only other pure African award!from Ethiopian,cant remember the full title but i think its something like a Emperor Menelik II order i THINK(i guessed really!!)!!still a lovely award!!made in france i believe!

  8. Hi Paddy,

    He certainly was awarded the spanish cross in gold.

    The book don't details each action. it just give the names.

    thats pretty cool!!nice to have a ribbon bar to a Spanish cross in gold winner!!! :beer:

  9. well after FINALLY finding where id last left my military cross(yes i bloody lost the thing thanks to my flat mate putting it "away"!!) im wondering if it wouldn't be a good thing to clean it! i know ALOT of people say you shouldn't but iv been thinking!this award is a VERY high and prized award so shouldn't they be kept clean! mines is ww1 one and is near on brown with the tarnish!i know that tarnish stands for 70+ years of its history but after seeing other MCs i do get the feeling that it does need a clean im still in 2 minds because no soldier who won it would be aloud to wear it in the dirty state its in!!what are your guys feeling on it??should it at least get a light cleaning???? any advice would be great!! :beer:

  10. its mad but after i posted it i thought it might be Cuban but Chile makes more sense!!!thanks guys for the quick response!!! :beer:

    anyone have link where i can find ut more about it as iv googled around and cant find anything about it and on the forum i can only find the older versions!!!!!

    thanks again! :beer:

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