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  1. He's not on my MMI list -- I'll have to add his name. Do you know what rank he was during his service in Spain?

    I only show 4 other AS/88 MMI winners: Hptmn Franz BREY, Maj Martin HARLINGHAUSEN, Oblt Hans-Sigmund STORP, and Maj Karl-Heinz WOLFF.

    Thanks Jacques & Paddy :cheers:

    PS: I need to make a correction to a comment I made back in post 64: I said the photo of the Egana MMI I used for comparison was from my LC medal bar. I was wrong -- the photo is of a medal bar posted by Jacques earlier in the thread. My apologies for the goof :speechless:

    sadly i cat find any other info either! but after talking with other people he was definitely KM which would be right with him being attached as an observer! its a real pity we dont now what it was awarded for!!is there any rolls that tell for what the award was given out or is it just a list of names?

  2. No, sorry, I just downloaded the picture when this bar was offered, and I found the information in a book. NOthing more is written about this men to my knowledge. If he was awarded this medal, he certainly participated to a special action as observer.


    ah well not to worry thanks though!!! :beer:

  3. I guess the owner was attached to the AS88: Arno Kleyenstuber from AS88.

    he was in Spain from spring 1937 to jannuary 1938, observer on HE59-HE60, based in Malaga and later in Pollensa (Majorca)

    thanks you got there before me!! ;)

    actually do you know any more info about him as iv drawn a blank apart from the info here(i got the name of the seller but info is near the same as that on Wikipedia )

    thanks though!! :beer:

  4. saw this on on WAF and i'm not so sure about it! It seems too clean- the placement of ribbons seems odd too,looks like the last two were added as an afterthought at the end! Never heard of a person breaking off the Romanian ribbon! Also, if he did it for one ribbon, why did he not do for the Italian ribbon then too? i've NEVER heard of a soldier breaking off a ribbon on a bar!!

    what do you guys think?


  5. This badge belongs to a friend of mine. I took the photos of the badge myself, therefore I own the copyright to these photos. I thought I would post photos of a nice, original, and rare badge for others to see. I am not aware of having violated any rules of this club. Please direct me to the specific rule that I violated.

    Best regards,


    iv pmed a mod on this as i feel the clubs rules on this are unclear!on other forums if you dont own a badge you have to mention this!

  6. iv had a set of RAF dog tags and i was wondering if anybody might be able to find anything out about the person! the serial number is 4199657 and the name is Seery F C, then it says RC which i think is roman catholic if im not mistaken!! can anyone help with any info?? thanks!! :beer:

    actually i thought this might be better in the RAF history section!!!!! sorry!!!

  7. .......yesterday ended a good photo of a Hauptmann der Gebirgsjäger - I wanted to buy it but I missed the end..... my wife said something like "going shopping is important, too......" and so I was in the city when it ended... :P:D ooouuu sorry , off topic .... Ok, He had a 6-place ribbon bar in the navy-typical sew-on form !!!

    EK2 with Wiederholungsspange , 2 different bavarian MVK / MVO with swords , Hindenburg cross , 3.Reich officials DA , one more 3.Reich Medal (Österreich or Sudeten?)

    He was from Regiment 98....


    Cool you wouldnt have a pic of him would you?and yes life does sadly tend to get in the way of stuff! Thanks for all the help on the bar though!might check to see the ages of GJ majors!iv got two volumes on GJ RK winners so that might help to!any pics or any more info would be great!

  8. just wondering what would a major arty of the Gebirgsjäger have as a ribbon bar? i was also wondering was there many majors of the GJ in general? its for a tunic iv got on layaway and looks like it has a ribbon bar for a 5/6 place ribbon bar!or would the bar be a pure ww2 bar as oppose to a ww1/ww2 bar? any help would be great!!! :beer:

  9. ok play the devils advocate and say this,personnel i thought putting in on a bank holiday weekend might have been a bad idea in the fact that many people would have gone away because of this, also was the Irish medal society asked to pass on the date of the show to its members? also did the organizers contact any of people who organized the shows like the northstar or teachers clubs as they would know many Irish collectors, i thought also that to get people interested flyer's could have been put around places were collectors would have been(even just photocopies),(hell if id known and been asked i would have passed them out myself!) like in antique shops where the northstar organizers have put there flyer's or around colleges where students with an interest in Irish history would see it, how about putting an event notification on facebook? again had i know i would have made the event up on my profile and past it around! (i only found out at about 9 the night before when another mate told me he was going to it!)again if id known i would have sent an important event like that on to my friends who do work for student bodies and know the professors etc! there are plenty of ways to get events known without just relying on the national press!

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