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  1. ok not HUUUUGEEEE but i finally got my first complete big medal bar! now on WAF it was 50/50 whether it was real or not! the way i think it could be is that he entered the navy say around 1900(no 1897 medal) had a fairly non-eventfuly war and then did a bit of service in the freekorps and then a quiet war in ww2! looking at the wear it does seem that have been together a while! maybe the gold wreath doesnt belong bit i reckon it could be real!what do you guys think? any help would be great!!! :cheers:

    heres the link to!

    <a href="http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=241400" target="_blank">http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=241400</a>

  2. i think the price is so for 3 reasons!(though they are just my opinion)

    1) its by godet

    2) its got all the lovely enamel so must rare and expensive

    3) its cased

    in ireland iv seen simple ww1 ek 2s go for E120 here and recently i was talking to a collecter who had bought an ek2nd and payed E80 for and thought it was a fantastic price!!! so when i told him the average price he should pay he wa sa bit shocked(as was i at the price he payed) i honestly i think its the dealer putting the 3 reesons above on the items and then pricing it accordanly, the fact that thousand upon thousand of them were made and that there by no means rare doesnt come into it!

  3. id like to add that in my dealings with reichrommel hes has been great! i got a north koeran order that broke into peices in the post and he VERY kindly sent me another and let me keep the 1st one to! so id like to say in future id happily do bussiness with him again! not sure realy what happened but it does seem it might have been a genuine mistake!

  4. a mate of mine should me an auction involving some very expensive sound equiment last year where the same thing happened the guy in is description did state it was only a picture of this piece of equimnet but somebody spent 4 grand thinking they were getting a bargin and only got a picture at the end!and from what i heard they didnt get there cash back!!can someone post pics of the bar as id love to see it!!!!

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