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  1. about 2 years ago a copy of this came up for auction here in dublin and i wanted it so much that even though on my way into the auction i realy badly twisted my ankle i toke the pain got in and won the book!! could NOT belive i got it!! still kinda cant!! i was bidding against about 5 people but i had to have the book!!!! i havent seen a copy turn up in ireland since! also every web site i see is normaly sold!! well worth the price!!! :beer:

  2. i know that the germans did help arm the irsih rebellion in 1916 etc and that i think they also helped the ira in ww2 to start a bombing campigian on the british mainland but intrestling when the germans tryed to recruit/start a irish ss division the recruiter were beatin up and thrown out of the camps!! i saw that british programme on the free korps and it was very intresting as they were pretty much kept away from any fighting and they were more of a burdin then anytthing else! one guy did partisapated(?) in the battle of berlin but was killed! i read a great book called jackels of the reich again all about the brit free corps!! :beer:

  3. iv one or two of these hook bar well bars and they dont have medals and i plan to find medals that are missing there ribbions and only missing there ribbions to make them whole again! i reckon that alot of these medals of this era that are missing there ribbions are missing them because they have been removed from bars like this! plus they look i think so much better with the medals on them!

  4. the hartman 109 plane is a limited edtion bird sadly! mine is 199 out of 2000 but thats why its so expesive! when i saw it i just HAD to have it!! and yup you can do all that stuff!!! great to have actuly you can have great "dogfights" when theres no one around!!! :cheeky::P

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