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  1. I think it really comes down to price, not period of manufacture. I agree on the ribbon, it's wonderful.
  2. It doesn't make sense that the LS ribbons would have aged differently if it was made at one time. Also, there's a lot of scratches on those tabs....
  3. Nice to see the miniature Oldenburg Bar, I've only seen a couple of those over the years!
  4. Agree with Paul, a couple of very interesting bars. First time I have seen a miniature 25 Year Oaks
  5. Very Nice! I've only seen this one cased a few times over the years, Think I had one too, will search the archives for photos just to compare.
  6. Rick and I were going to go through the state archives in Boston someday but that's a bust now. If I could find the time, I know at least some of the records of these medals are held there.
  7. Hmmmm, no bites, Well, Juncker used a similar pin to Meybauer on a number of it's badges including submarine and airship badges
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