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  1. Nice momentos to have of a WW1 relative, thanks for sharing them. I am not being critical but I believe this silver colored case is for a razor and not cigarettes?
  2. Thanks for the kind comments. I now believe they were made by the J. HERMANN COMPANY.
  3. Here is a photo of the boots now. I stuffed them with newspaper and laced them up. Brushed them off with a shoe brush, nothing else (no polish etc). The lighting and black background enhance them some but they still are very nice boots. I hope you enjoy looking at them. Thanks.
  4. I have more information on these boots and I am not sure if they are military or not. Stamped on the inside is the maker which may be Henry. There also is a stamp under the maker name that is CONTRACTOR. Another stamp reads BOSTON DEPOT. And what looks like a date is 9-63. I am pretty sure the brown color and toe cap is not 1963 vintage. Please clarify if these stampings are military or not. On the sole is stamped the size 10B, NO.24 and QMC USA. I am thinking the QMC may be Quarter Master ? which would be a military type stamping. Also the lacing is 10 eyelets and 10 hooks for a total of twenty pair of fastners. The thinking was that these boots were M-1931/1932 military boots and now I am wondering if they are just 'boots'. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Never mind, I will do this later. Please delete original posting. Thanks.
  6. I am trying to get an ID on these boots. They have a BOSTON DEPOT contract stamp in them. Thanks.
  7. Yes that does help me. And I think you nailed the source of this sweater; at this sale there was also a uniform and caps for a LADY U.S. Marine. I suspect now that this female marine acquired this pull-over and for some reason added the patches; maybe she had a British Soldier boy friend which influenced her designs or perhaps gave her the patches which she sewed on the sweater! Thanks for the expertise....keith
  8. NO, no history with it. It was an estate sale and was lying on a bed. It was one of those sales where if you want it you have to pick it up quick or else the guy behind you will. I didn't pay a whole lot for it so that is good. I did find out on another forum that it is "current" so that is in agreement with your assessment and I knew it wasn't too old judging by the tag. The paratrooper patch is what excited me at the time. Thanks alot for the help. keith
  9. I found this at an estate sale here in the USA. I would like to know what the readers think of it and perhaps ID it. It is wool but the other side of the tag says the patches on the shoulders and elbows are 65% Polyester so this may be Vietnam War era? Thanks.
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