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    MA in Military History, Norwich University
    Former Machine Gunner and TOW II anti-armor missileman in the US Marine Corps(1990-1992)
    US Coast Guard Corpsman(1992-Present).
    Ebola Response, Two tours in the desert 2003-2004(Iraq), Haiti, and Colombia

    My main interests include Luftwaffe uniforms and insignia. I have been unable to shake my first love... Soviet Orders and medals.

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  1. Wow. That's something we don't see... Ever. Thank you for sharing it.
  2. Thank you Sir! I appreciate the correction and compliment. From what I've seen- not too many of those crosses were awarded.
  3. There was an explosion in the Coast Guard awards in the 1980s and 90s too.
  4. OK. I see it now. My bad. Wow. What an ordeal. Poor kid must've been terrified. I cant wait to see what you come back with.
  5. I want to share with you this interesting combination: Prussian EK2, HK with swords, Lippe Detmold Service Cross, and KVM! I love bars with the KVM. Very unusual combination I think. I hope you like it. Paul
  6. Holy cow. I wonder what the situation of the shooting was? A lynching or did he try to resist/flee?
  7. The death sounds accidental. I am surprised to see a Purple Heart awarded... am I wrong? Still a very sad story.
  8. For me, tangible relics bring me closer to the times, events, and people I enjoy learning about.
  9. What an interesting group. I hope that you can find more of his items.
  10. This is the first time Ive seen that medal on a bar. How many times was it awarded? Is it a valor medal?
  11. Document group for a famous nurse from the Warsaw Uprising. I love the age progression from the war until late life. Photos taken by veteran
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