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  1. Thanks...that's a lift a stuff. He obviously didn't wear all he was entitled to (unlike Sir John French). Looks like we got the ones in his portrait, though.
  2. Did the Russians know the Germans were occupying their capital?
  3. OK, some clues. His paternal Grandmother was Charlotte of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm I's sister. His mother was a German princess, as was his wife, and ALL six siblings married German royals. Yeah, that's a lot of Germans there. Ach! Still, why not wear a St. George?
  4. This came up as an incidental matter in a related thread but it deserves its own thread, because it's weird! Why would Tsar Alexander II, Tsar (OK, Czar if you insist) of all the Russias, wear a Prussian order as his highest decoration? He could have worn a St. George of the highest degree or even a St. Vladimir or Stanislaus or St. John. Why this one, and even appears to have the Black Eagle sash? I know he was related to Germanic princely houses by marriage and ancestry but really, this seems bad form, no? I know it was common to wear the orders and decorations of foreign countries when wearing the honorary military uniforms of those countries on state visits, etc. but he's wearing the 'unattached' or generic Russian general's mundir, not a Prussian rig. Any guesses, folks? Better photo:
  5. The bottom one I think is a cross for some Caucuses campaign.
  6. OK, Any ideas what the third and fourth places breast stars/badges are? And....Why did the Tsar of all the Russias wear the Prussian Pour le Merite neck order and the Black Eagle sash in preference to Imperial Russian orders?
  7. but, what's on the ribbon bar after the St. George cross?
  8. ...and a St George star beneath the St. Andrew. The PLM seems odd to wear in a formal portrait photo, in lieu of a Russian order. I know Russia and Imperial Germany were buds at this time, (the 'Dreikaiserbund', which included Austria-Hungary), but even so...
  9. OK, I can make out what looks like a Prussian PLM (!) at the neck and a St George at the beginning of the medal bar., and the ubiquitous St. Andrew the First Called breast star. What else?
  10. Thanks to all on this one! I have replicated his medal bar on a previous thread. I never would have gotten many of the breast stars. Good work!
  11. OK, I can make out the major neck orders (Grand Cross of the Iron Cross, PLM and the Annunciation Order) and some of the breast stars: Black Eagle and the Annunciation Order and what looks like Order of the Prussian Crown at lower left. What else?
  12. Does anyone have better photos of the complete shoulder cord/aiguillette of the Prussian generals' parade tunic?
  13. The tentative conclusion is that this combination was not worn by the 'big shots' who held active field commands in WW1, for example, prominent field marshals or colonel generals. Pity, as it's an attractive medal (FJ order).
  14. I used to belong to OMSA but no longer, and my long-time contact there, John Roysten, I believe has sadly passed away. So, I don't think I'll be able to access this trove. Thank you anyway, Wild Card. If anyone can supply a bit of this ribbon, please let me know. I'd be happy to buy some.
  15. Does anyone know of a source for the 15mm size ribbon for the 1866 Koninggratz cross?
  16. Alex K: Thank you for all the help! I am now set! Best, Phil
  17. Alex K: Yes, thank you. I found the VC device; not sure which is appropriate for the DSO and MC; 'Moons'?
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