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  1. Whoops, I never scrolled all the way down the forumlist to see that there is a sales section on here! Will post it on there first.
  2. Apologies for the very late reply, but thank you paddywhack for doing all that research, very interesting! Leigh Kitchen, here's a better picture of the clasp, still works fine. Is that what you mean? Also I've decided to sell this set, what would be the best way to do that, ebay I guess? From what I've read here and elsewhere I gathered 350£ would be a decent (starting) price, does that seem right?
  3. The name on the medals is T. Warrington. I found out his first name is Thomas. As I said, I found his medal index card on the national archives website, which says he served with the 32nd Field Ambulance. It also contains a lot of other information in code I don't really understand. Would it be helpful if I posted a picture of it here?
  4. Thanks Mervyn for your reply, It clearly says RAMC on the back of the star the photo is just a bit blurry. I also did as you suggested and registered on this forum and posted my questions in the British medal forum thread about RAMC trios.
  5. I recently made a post in the guest forum about a RAMC trio I was given and forum user Mervyn Mitton suggested I made an account and post my questions here, so here goes. I was recently given this WWI Trio by my aunt, now I don't know much about militaria so I hope someone here could answer my questions. I read the basic wikipedia info and realize the Trio are relatively common medals. I also saw the thread in the british medal forum about RAMC Trios in which a normal set was valued around 60-300£, which also seems to be the going rate on ebay. Now most of those sets I see on ebay are f
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