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  1. Now that I have it in hand, here are some updated photos that don't shine so much. The finish looks much older than the earlier photos I posted, especially in hand. Plus, the paint doesn't scratch by the fingernail.
  2. I dont have it in hand yet. I'll have it within a day or two. What happens if it scratches off? Repaint?
  3. Does this look all original? First one I've obtained with any accessories attached.
  4. Were 1st Class Silver medals issued that were not made out of silver, and therefore do not have the silver hallmark?
  5. I have one exactly like this here: http://greatwarcolle.../edelweiss.html I was told by Klaus Butschek it came out of an old WW1 Gebirgsjager collection.
  6. Can anyone lend their eyes to see if this looks right? Last photo, this shows the thickness of the Silver 1st Class (thin) versus a Silver 2nd Class I also have. (thicker). Is this how they are supposed to be?
  7. Im certainly no expert on Imperial medal bars, but I wonder if its not a style (the forming of the ribbon behind the medal) from the Third Reich period, because most of the time I see the ribbons and medals positioned like this, it involes the Honor Cross.
  8. Nothing too fancy, but I've wanted a nice Bavarian Merit Cross with Crown and Swords for a while, and I like that it came with both the pin (with all three ribbons represented) and a nice full size ribbon bar. I also really like the parade mounting with the medals in front of the ribbons rather than dangling underneath. I also especially like the MVK placed before the EK2, a nice touch by a proud Bavarian soldier.
  9. As I was handling this French medal I just obtained, I noticed it was a tiny bit smaller than my others. I measured it and its 35mm rather than 36. Is that normal or is that a problem?
  10. My Vic collection is growing! This is #4, and my first French, with its box. http://greatwarcollection.weebly.com/france-victory-medal.html Can anyone make out the hallmarks on the reverse? I can't quite tell what they are.
  11. I'd like to start collecting WW1 Austrian medals, but really want to make sure I get original ribbons. I'm posting a few photos below from an Austrian dealers website, the first advertised as an original ribbon, the second as a new ribbon. Aside from the obvious differences in the appearance of their age and patina, is there anything else in the hardware that gives it away?
  12. Can anyone tell me what type this is? There is a small hallmark in the 5 o'clock position that I can't quite make out. http://greatwarcollection.weebly.com/united-states-victory-medal.html
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