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  1. Hi Peter, If this was a civilian award than why does a Commanding General (thus military) award it ?? Even if this medal was awarded to civilians working for the military it would still make it a military award ! SWATF were South African troops helping SWA police in their fight against SWAPO.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me more about this medal ? The first picture is from an older thread. I have tried googling it but can not find any more info. It's not in the listing of SWA medals.
  3. Hi, Just found this info on Wehrmacht-Awards.com His Interimstab was made of gold and with the same model as those of the Luftwaffe, and the name "H. Goering" engraved on the base. The body was of ivory and white entwined cord dracona white, black and red. Measured 78.5 cm. Also found 2 possible places where it might be. Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Goring Currently at theNational Infantry Museum, Fort Benning/Columbus (Georgia, USA) His second model, present at the West Point Museum.
  4. Hi, Are these of any help ? If not, try Google images with "color photo's of Goring" as search instruction. Regards, Marcon1.
  5. Thanks Arthur. PS: I can't find your listings anymore. They appeared on Geocities first and than on another website, now if I look for them I get the notice saying it was removed. Any plans to bring them back, maybe here ??
  6. Hi, I was wondering if someone could confirm my thinking concerning these 2 medals. KZCS Star for Merit – Officers (SPM) (1990-94/1990-1996) KZCS Medal for Merit (1991-94/1991-1996) Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying a traditional head-ring within a wreath of leaves (obverse) and the KwaZulu coat of arms (reverse). Ignore the ribbons, more than likely the wrong ones. It's the medals that are the subject, almost identical except for the star ! My thinking is, that the one with the star is the Star for Merit-Officers and the one without the star the medal for Merit AND not 2 versions of the same (2nd) medal. Can anyone confirm if I'm right/wrong, and if wrong, does anyone have a explanation for the Star. Also, a picture of the Star for Merit-Officers would be helpfull. With thanks, Marcon1.
  7. Hi all, Found these on Ebay. Who can tell me more about them, i.e. official/unofficial, from which country and any other info you may have. It had the following text with it: Two Medals plus two Miniatures + the order of the tortoise The 'star' reads "ATAVIS ET ARMIS" The medal reads "ORDO MILITARIS ET HOSPITALARIS SANCTI LAZARI IERUSALEM" with " FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE TO THE GRAND BAILIWICK OF SOUTH AFRICA" The "Order of the tortoise" according to the seller/owner: quote "was created to encourage all things scottish. I'm not sure how official the order was but there were only about 10 made". ------------------------------------ I'm especially interested to know more about the South Africa connection. With thanks. Marcon1.
  8. PS: Has anyone any idea from which book this comes, would like to know. Thanks. PPS: Just found the answer = Awards of the South African uniformed public services, 1922-1987: The South African Police, South African Railways Police, South African Prisons Service – 1988 by: S Monick (Author)
  9. Hiya, just found this on the WWW. PS: Has anyone any idea from which book this comes, would like to know. Thanks.
  10. The first one is from Kwazulu (former South African Homeland). It looks like the Kwazulu Correctional Services KZCS Medal for Merit (1991-94) Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying a traditional headring within a wreath of leaves (obverse) and the KwaZulu coat of arms (reverse). However, yours is with a star above the headring (different version ??) 2nd. medal is indeed from Surinam. moed = courage. beleid = policy. (but can also mean behaviour (conduct)). trouw = loyalty.
  11. Hi, the following are all South African Department of Military Veterans medals awarded only to uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) veterans. Can anyone tell me what they are and for what the are awarded. With many thanks, Marcon1. PS: Are there also other medals from this Department ?? I know of these 3. Military Veterans Decoration in Platinum . Class 1 - Highest Order with two Elephant tusks. Class 2 - Order with one Elephant Tusk. Class 3 - Order with no Elephant tusks. The lowest order.
  12. Not 100% sure, but I think it''s one of those Freemasons medals, or some other organization.
  13. Thanks Arthur for your reply. I know about the fire and police medals. Note absence and presence of Protea flower on back of suspender, also SILVER marked. Clear Protea flower on suspender and fully hallmarked. 3 different types of long service medals. 150 years Fire Brigade anniversary Medal.
  14. The middle part is Schleswig Holstein. Than I think it says KuK (konigliche und kaiserliche - king and emperor). German Gothic writing is always difficult to read.
  15. Hi, I need more info about this medal. It's a South African medal (City of Cape Town) 'Law Enforcement Civic Amenities' . Is this a police medal or something else ? Which city department issued this medal ? Thanks.
  16. Thanks guys for the info. Regards, Marcon1.
  17. Hi, can anyone tell me what medal this is. It's a South African medal (City of Johannesburg), but that's all I know. What does the abbreviation N.E.A.D. A.N.B.S. mean (English/Afrikaans ??). Also, what was it issued for ? Thank you for your help.
  18. Hi Wessel, Most of these British star medal ribbons can be bought on Ebay or Bidorbuy. Mostjy in 15cm lenghts. Success.
  19. Hi Wessel, Did you buy the R450 one offered by blankbooks on Bidorbuy ? I bought the R500 from them and hope to receive it by mail this week. Knowledge is never to expensive.
  20. Hi Jan, Thanks for the pictures. I've added them to my listings, now I at least know what they are and how they look like when I see them on Ebay or Bodorbuy.
  21. Hi Jan, Could you post close ups of the following 11 medals. The first one is a new one for me, the others I only have a reverse picture or a picture which is different (the 6th. medal has a blue centre on the picture that I have and the 8th one is missing a star between the wreath). Anyway, a clear reverse AND obverse picture of the 11 medals would be very appreciated. With thanks (Dank U). Marco.
  22. Damn, what a collection - I'm jealous Are they all full sized medals ??
  23. Hi, thanks for your reply. I've seen your late brothers' threads before and I have used some of his pictures as illustration for my listings. What I'm looking for now are the ones for which I haven't yet been able to get a picture, I have been looking everywhere. Online dealers, ebay, bidorbuy, gmic etc, no success so far. PS: I just noticed the obverse of your medal is different than the one shown by me. KNP Establishment Medal (1987) Issued to the founder members of the force. Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying the KNP badge (obverse) and the KwaNdebele coat of arms (reverse). KNP Medal (1990) Another commemorative medal. Insignia: A circular silver medal depicting the KNP badge (obverse) and the KwaNdebele coat of arms with the words 'KwaNdebele Polisiemedalje' (reverse).
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