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  1. Doubtful, they would have skimmed the medal and named it again and this time the right way. Don't forget, the medal is made of silver.
  2. Hi Wasp, Found these for you, maybe they are of some use to you. ROYAL ULSTER ULSTER Kind Regards, Marcon1.
  3. WW1 Operational Theatres of War 1914-1920 Military operations of the First World War took place in seven theatres of war around the world. Alphanumeric codes were assigned to each theatre and operational area within it. These codes were used by the British military for the compilation of records of service and medals. The alphanumeric codes were slightly amended after 1st January 1916.(1) Western Europe To 31st December 1915 and from 1st January 1916 The Western Front b Italy Balkans To 31st December 1915 and from 1st January 191
  4. Hi g1usxs, You can try this firm. Jewellery Repairs London Hirschfelds Ltd 7 Bleeding Heart Yard (off Greville Street) Hatton Garden London EC1N 8SJ info@jewellery-repairs-london.co.uk
  5. So even Batman hands out medals these days 😂 TRANSNISTRIA - 1918 - 2018 - 100 YEARS OF MILITARY INTELLIGEN MEDAL
  6. Jersey Honorary Police LSGC First instituted by Royal Warrant on 1 December 2014, it is awarded for 12 years service and a bar is awarded for each subsequent period of 9 years service. To qualify for the medal a member must have been: In service on or after 1 January 2012; and Have completed the required years of service (12 years for the medal; additional periods of 9 years for a bar to the medal) which may be continuous service or an aggregate and in more than one Parish or more than one office; and His or Her character and conduct must have been very good. There
  7. Hiya, It's AFTER any long service medal. See listings below. Sorry for the fussy left, difficult to scan without it. Hope it helps. Marcon1. The Ebola medal is listed on the 3rd. page on the left 13th from the top.
  8. Hiya, Here is another mystery item from Transkei - does anyone have any idea what it is (medal, order) ?? It was offered as a Lebowa Star for Distinguished Leadership, neck decoration. But as it has a Transkei Coat of Arms on the back it's not, but what is it then ??? HELP !! Marcon1.
  9. Hi Aniki, A Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (QE II type) exist since 1953-54. So, if HMS Drake was still active in those years and the recipient was still aboard then such medal could be issued to him.
  10. Hi, The above item was offered to me as a rare pin belonging to a pilot of the Messerschmitt Me 262, nicknamed Schwalbe (German: "Swallow") in fighter versions. Can anyone confirm this ? Marcon1.
  11. Hi Mike, You might already have this info, but you never know. Canada: Boer War: Toronto Tribute Medal / Brave Boys Welcome Home Form:Circular. The silver medal has an ornate suspension bar and ribbon (for details see under 'Note'). By:P.W. Ellis & Co. of Toronto Date:1900 Ref: Hern: 872; Hibbard: H1; Laidlaw: 0059a; Variations: Size Metal Mass Value 34.4mm Silver (1900) 30.4 gm w/ suspension $800 (named); $500 (unnamed)
  12. No point in complaining - you English wanted to leave, now live with the consequences.
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