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  1. No point in complaining - you English wanted to leave, now live with the consequences.
  2. If he reads this, I bet he wished he bought it πŸ˜‚ Marcon1.
  3. A Full set of Chinese Order of The Auspicious Star, a silver gilt and enameled breast star
  4. Hi sludge, As they say in your country, nice try but no cigar. The suspender bars are decorated on the 3 medals shown. Yours is more plain. But thanks for trying πŸ™‚ Marcon1.
  5. Here is one for Gazankulu (SA Homeland) And 3 for Bophuthatswana Marcon1.
  6. (MYB: SA-47-B) SAPS Ten Year Anniversary Commemoration Medal (2004) Awarded to SAPS members and civilian employees to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the formation of the SAPS. Insignia: A bronze 10-sided medal displaying the SA coat of arms, crossed flags, and "1995-2005" (obverse) and the SAPS emblem and "South African Police Ten Year Commemoration Medal" (reverse). 1ST TYPE (with low number) = note star in flag and thickness of flower/plant on back – 38mm. diameter/// 2ND TYPE (with high number) = note star in flag and thinness of flower/plant on back – 40mm.
  7. This one looks like the uniform on the right of your first picture, yours perhaps a officers uniform ?? The First Sutherland Volunteers The museum proudly displays an original Colour Sergeant's uniform of the First Sutherland Volunteers (circa 1882) This uniform belonged to Colour Sergeant William Allison Bethune William Bethune was born in 1858 and lived all his life in the same house in Bonar Bridge. He and his wife Margaret MacLeod had 6 daughters and 3 sons. One of his sons died in childhood, another, Daniel, died in action in World War II and the third
  8. Operational Medal for Southern Africa Awarded to both MK and APLA veterans, for operational service outside South Africa (equivalent to the SADF's Southern Africa Medal). Insignia: A circular nickel-silver medal, displaying a baobab tree inside a hexagonal frame of chain (obverse). Old SA coat of arms on reverse. I recently bought a Prototype - Solid Brass - only a very few were made. Can anyone tell me who made these (manufacturer of these medals) and how many prototypes were made ?? Thanks, Marcon1.
  9. Honours[edit] The following table shows the honours awarded to Haig: Knight of the Order of the Thistle (KT) 31 July 1917[64]:1720 Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB) 3 June 1915[297] Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) 3 June 1913[298] Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) 27 September 1901[299] Member of the Order of Merit (OM) 3 June 1919[300]
  10. Hiya, Again, after long searching the Internet and not finding what I need I turn to you fellow forum users. Who can tell me more about these medals: 1) FULL SIZE SA ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION MEDAL AWARD TO C.G. CLOETE 28/07/93-AWARDED TO MEMBERS WHO GUARDED THE INSTITUTION,NORMALLY EX POLICE MEMBERS -NUMBERED 50-SCARCE. Are these official, semi-official or just private medals ? Is the ribbon correct ? (looks the same as the one for the Southern Cross Decoration). Why were these issued, long service/loyal service/bravery/otherwise ? When were these
  11. It will look a bit like this 🀣 or like this: One is already about to fall overπŸ˜‚
  12. Hi Wessel, If you use Google images and ask to look for American Generals you will see that none of them wear medals, only medalbars (and BIG ones !!). I guess that if they did wear all their medals they would not be able to walk straight due to the weight of them 😁 They could use it as a bulletproof vest, the whole front of them would be covered.
  13. And if you would all include your full name and address than things would make it a lot easier 🀣
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