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    1. Hiya, KwaZulu Department of Prisons Establishment Medal (1990) Issued to founder members of the service. Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying the KZCS badge (obverse). Regards, Marcon1.
    2. Hiya, At long last I found the information I was seeking concerning Orange Free State President Steyn Medal 1902. So it was a Dutch issue and not a Orange Free State issue. Regards, Marcon1.
    3. & Its worth noting that, due to this image👇, of an angel standing on a slave (allegedly, being a big no-no… combined with a new ‘woke’ King… it may not be around much longer. That is NOT a slave St. Michael is standing on but SATAN. Marcon1.
    4. Hiya, This article by Michael O'Brien in the latest Medal News magazine might be of some interest. Please note lines 3-4 !! Regards, Marcon1.
    5. Hi Archie, Thanks for the pictures + info (I had most of them, but didn't know what was what). You also showed me a medal I had no knowledge of, so again, thank you. But I'm missing one. Sabotage Campaign Medal — For veterans of MK's sabotage campaign which began in 1961. Any idea if it exist and how it looks like ?? Regards, Marcon1. PS: it's Hector Pieterson, not Peterson. ( a typo ?)
    6. Hi Archie, A few observations about your unknown mystery medals. Note the hallmark !! According to a listing of South African hallmarks the letter V indicates 1995 as the year it was struck. This is interesting as the NIS was disbanded in December 1994 and at the same time there medals became obsolete. This might also be the reason why they used the CoA of South Africa and NOT the NIS CoA . Could this be a one-off intended to be presented to a high ranking officer (former directer of NIS, a general ??). It looks from the picture that something (a name perhaps) has been covered up. That name might give a clue as to what and why. Also, if it still exists, maybe the South African Mint might have some records about this medal. There is a lot more to this medal than on first sight. As to your other unknown mystery medal, pity we can not see the reverse. Since the front looks the same as the other unknown one it might also be a later minting. But I also have in my listing this medal.. NIS Civil Medal (1990-1994) For "above-average acts of merit" (sic) by "civilians", which benefited the NIS. It does not appear to have been awarded. Insignia: Same design as the NIS Civil Decoration, but in bronze. It looks almost identical (except for the longer thinner points) - could this be a different version of it? Both are in bronze and the ribbon might be a case of - we don't have the correct one, so we went for the next best thing- ribbon. What do you (and all the other readers) think ?? Regards, Marcon1.
    7. Hi all, Better pictures of The National Intelligence Service Medal for Faithful Service, Silver. At least 2 known variations of the back. 925 below CoA. SILVER 925 below CoA. The National Intelligence Service Medal for Faithful Service, Bronze. Also exist with holed lion. Regards, Marcon1.
    8. Hi Archie, Here is a better picture. Regards, Marcon1.
    9. Hi Archie, Thanks for the information. One more question - who got the silver-gilt one and who got the bronze ?? - i.e. Officers (high ranking or otherwise) - NCO's and lower ranks ? Marcon1. or was it for - service of high quality which cannot be acknowledged fittingly in another manner (silver-gilt) and serving or rendering service to BDF (bronze).
    10. Hi Archie, A few questions. 1) Distinguished Gallantry Medal - looking at your pictures I can see 3 different types - what are they ? - Sample, proposed design/metal but never issued, issued version = which is which ?? 2) Defence Force Commendation Medal - you say 'It was approved in silver gilt, but was struck in silver gilt and bronze' = does that mean there is a silver-gilt version AND a bronze version ?? Regards, Marcon1.
    11. Hi Megan, Will this do ?? regards, Marcon1.
    12. Hi all, What is the best way to remove the glue from sticky tape or blue tack from your ribbons. Over the years I bought many medals where the ribbon was stuck down with one of the two above methods and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. Buying new replacement ribbons can be difficult and not always possible. So how do you solve this problem ?? Regards, Marcon1.
    13. Hi Archie, I have to correct you concerning this medal (South West Africa Police Star for Distinguished Service (SOO) (1981-1989)). At the bottom of the listing you say mistake in description. But look at these pictures. No blue roundel enamelled. With blue enamelled roundel. So both versions exist. There are also 2 versions of South West Africa Police Star for Merit (1986-1989). Gilt – without epoxy coating in the middle. Gilt – with epoxy coating in the middle. Both are in my collection. Regards, Marcon1. PS: Archie, do you know to which medal this bar belongs ? All the info I have is this = S.W.A. Police Bar for Full Size Medal. 3 Pins
    14. Hi Archie, Yes, I saw them too while looking for South African & homelands medals. Found Dutch medals a bit boring so never started collecting them, in fact, I had 3 unnamed medals that belonged to my Grandfather and sold them. Had they been named I would have kept them but unnamed ones can easily be replaced if need be. Marcon1.
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