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  1. Voluntary Medical Service Medal (1932-) (MYB: 266) UK Version no marking under cross. Named: J. ROBERTS Insignia: A circular silver medal depicting the head of Florence Nightingale (obverse). Branch: British Red Cross Society and the St. Andrew’s Ambulance Corps (Scotland). Ribbon: Red with yellow and white stripes. Metal: Originally struck in silver but since the 1960’s it has been produced in cupro-nickel. Size: 36mm. Description: (Obverse) the veiled bust of a female holding an oil lamp, symbolic of Florence Nightingale, (Reve
  2. Hi Pegase001, Unless you have a certificate with the corresponding number it's almost impossible to track the original recipient.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for good pictures/photo's (obverse & reverse) of the following medals. Statutory Bodies Two statutory bodies, i.e. semi-government organisations established by Acts of Parliament, award medals. In terms of the official Table of Precedence, these medals rank after national and provincial awards, and presidential permission is required to wear them together with official awards. The bodies concerned are the SA National Parks Board, and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. South African National Parks Board The South African National Pa
  4. Whatever is the real story about this guy, at least he has an impressive medal collection 🤣
  5. (MYB: SA-44) SAP Medal for Faithful Service (1963-2004) For 18 years (until 1979) or 10 years (from 1979) irreproachable service and exemplary conduct. Until 1979, a clasp could be added after 35 years service. Insignia: A circular bronze medal displaying the shield and crest of the national arms (obverse) and the SAP badge (reverse). Clasp. OBVERSE Thin suspender, leaves touch pillar at left, no pole to cart REVERSE Thin suspender, clearer Police badge, notice distance between …FUL and SER…… OBVERSE Thin suspender, leaves don’t touch pillar at
  6. (MYB: 284) Police Good Service Medal (1923-63) An original South African medal, awarded to "other ranks" only, for (i) distinctly gallant conduct (Bar MERIT – VERDIENSTE), or (ii) 18 years exemplary service. Most of the 11 636 awards of this medal were for long service, and it takes precedence as a long service medal. Insignia: Almost identical to the Prisons Good Service Medal: a circular silver medal, displaying the SA coat of arms and "Police service - Politie Dienst" (obverse) and the words "For Faithful Service - Voor Trouwe Dienst" (reverse). The Dutch was later changed to the
  7. (MYB: SA-45) SAP Star for Faithful Service (1979-2004) For 20 years irreproachable service and exemplary conduct. A clasp was added after 40 years. Insignia: A circular silver medal displaying a cross of four aloes in the centre of an 8-pointed multi-rayed star (obverse) and the SAP badge (reverse). no markings. SILVER marked between FAITHFUL and SERVICE. Also, note difference in enamel. SILVER marked on bottom part of suspender. Also, note difference on reverse, different Coat of Arms/Badge. SILVER below Coat o
  8. (MYB: SA-43) SAP Star for Merit (1963-2004) For (i) particularly meritorious or exemplary service, or personal heroism, in the line of duty, or (ii) 30 years irreproachable service and exemplary conduct. As the majority of awards were made in the latter category, the medal ranks as a long service award. Insignia: A 6-pointed multi-rayed silver star displaying two hands shielding a flame, and the letters VM, on a blue triangle on a white circlet (obverse). 2nd. award bar (for 30 Years service) no silver markings. marked SILVER at bottom. marked
  9. (MYB: SA-46) SAP Medal for Combating Terrorism (1974) A campaign medal for service in preventing and combating terrorism after 26 August 1966, by (i) being in combat with terrorists, or (ii) being injured through terrorist activities, or (iii) completing 60 days (originally 6 months) counter-insurgency duty in a designated area. Awarded for operational service against the People's Liberation Army of Namibia in South West Africa (1966-89), for operations in Rhodesia (1967-75), and for internal security in South Africa. Insignia: A 6-pointed silver star on a voided circlet decorated wi
  10. List of titles and honours of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn This is a list of the titles and honours held by Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, a senior officer of the British Army, Governor General of Canada, and member of the British Royal Family as third son of Queen Victoria. Contents
  11. INTRODUCTION TO "SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE MEDAL OF HONOUR FOR COURAGE AND FAITHFULNESS" In the early 1960s, a decision was made to award a medal to those police dogs who distinguished themselves in the line of duty. This medal, entitled the Medal of Honour for Courage and Faithfulness, was awarded for the first time in 1964. The award was to be considered annually on the recommendation of the Commanding Officer of the Dog School. In a move to keep costs to a minimum, and also possibly as a result of the Police Good Service Medal serving a dual purpose of being an award for long
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me which Lebowa (former South African Homeland) medals these are. All I know is that the ribbons are wrong AND ......... that's it Thank you Marcon1
  13. Why do I like to collect South African medals ? Answer, because there is so many variety in them. Take a look at these for instance. SAP Cross for Bravery (PCF) - 1st Type (1963-1989) Awarded for conspicuous and exceptional gallantry in the line of duty, or in protecting or saving life or property. Only 13 decorations were awarded - the first recipient (1964) was Sgt J.R. Nienaber, who drowned while trying to rescue a man from the sea. Superseded by a new decoration of the same name. Insignia: A gold layered cross, depicting a smaller cross on a gyronny b
  14. Hi Arthur, Thanks for the usefull information. Order of Transkei (1987-94) Awarded in five classes: Grand Cross (GCT) - gold Grand Officer (GOT) - silver Commander (CT) Officer (OT) Member (MT) Any idea which class it is ?? === Order of the Aloe (1976-94) In a single class. Pictures are of 2 diff. - silver gilt and silver, thus 2 diff. classes ?? ==== On the 4th. one is says Pro Patria Medal. - Is that a clue to which class ?? ======= With thanks, Marcon1. PS: Info on orders from you
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