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  1. Hiya, Found this on the Internet. Offered by eMedals. A GRV First World War Military Cross; French Made A GRV First World War Military Cross; French Made - A Privately made cross; GRV, silver, 2.5 mm thick, 45.8 mm, hallmarked on ring, original ribbon, dark patina, light contact and tarnishing, near extremely fine.
  2. Hiya, There are 1 or 2 for general colonial issue. This info is from Wikipedia: Colonial Medal (German Empire) Colonial Medal Kolonial-Denkmünze Awarded by German Empire Type Campaign medal Eligibility for participation in combat operations in the German Colonies Statistics Established 13 Ju
  3. Hiya, i found some details in DNW medal archive.. Lot 539 Date of Auction: 21st May 2020 Sold for £6,500 Estimate: £5,000 - £6,000 The rare ‘Raised Dates’ Q.S.A. awarded to Private T. H. A. Williams, Lord Strathcona’s Horse, who was wounded at Rietfontein in July 1901 and was later a Captain in the Canadian Scouts Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, reverse with dates in relief ‘1899 1900’, no clasp (425 Pte. T. H. A. Williams, Ld. Strathcona’s H:) inverted apostrophe as normal, nearly very fine £5,000-£6,000 Footnote Approximately 62 meda
  4. THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER -8, 1888. r203 Malcolm William Rogers. Jeremy Taylor Marsh, William Oshorn. ' - Thomas Brown Blake Savi. William Sedgwick. 1 Andrew Wilson Baird. MEMORANDA. General Lord Alexander George Russell, C.B., has-been placed on retired pny. Dated 16th December, 3883. 7 Lieutenant-General Napier George Campbell, Colonel Commandant Royal (late Madras) Artillery, to be placed on the Unemployed Supernumerary List. Dated 31st December, 1888. The following promotions to be trade in succession to Lieutenant-General Napier George Campbell, Royal (late Madras) Artillery :— To.be L
  5. Hi Laurent, Is it caulfIEld or caulfEIld - thus IE or EI. The only one I could find with the name James Gordon Caulfei(ie)ld died in Madras as a Lieutenant as eldest son of Major-General Caulfeild. Marcon1.
  6. Hi Peter, he asked for more info - you can read it by highlighting the text. Hello, Searches led me to identify two possible commissioned officers: 1) lieutenant colonel John Sheffield Gilbert Ryley; 2) And the lieutenant general Gordon Caulfield. Is it possible to have easily access to their service records? Thank very much for your help. Best regards, Laurent
  7. LT. COL. JOHN SHEFFIELD GILBERT RYLEY A short history of an Officer in the British Indian Army ‘A grave uncovered, a life rediscovered’ In 2009 as part of a ‘tidy up’ in our churchyard of St.Peter and St.Paul, Bleadon, a gravestone was uncovered which bore an inscription that aroused the curiosity of those who had found it. Although the lettering was very indistinct eventually the following was revealed:- IN LOVING MEMORY OF LT. COL. JOHN SHEFFIELD GILBERT RYLEY LATE OF THE 5TH BENGAL LIGHT CAVALRY DIED IN BLEADON MAY 31ST 1891 AGED 83 After some basic internet research I discovered that the 5
  8. If there is a gold and bronze, than there is most likely also a silver version.
  9. Hi Numis, I would say - goggle it !! Found 2 for you. Bronze. 76 mm. By H. Roussel. This is an example of the earliest medal produced by any European nation to present to North American Indians to honor or otherwise influence their actions or allegiances. As this has no evidence of a hanger it was unlikely a presented example. Still, as a very early strike it is a very rare medal. Estimated four known. Marcon1 I mean GOOGLE it 😀
  10. King's Commendation (1941) An original South African award, for valuable services during World War II. Insignia: A silver or bronze protea flower emblem, worn on the ribbon of the Africa Service Medal. Pin type = Height: 23mm, Silver - 925. SAM. Button type - silver.
  11. Hi Numis, You should look for V.O.C. medals/decorations as they were the ones that gave them to individuals (Most of them, if not all, where one offs). I've seen a list on the internet in the past about those from Cape Town, but unfortunately I can't find it anymore (forgot what it was called). Did find this one for you. Honorary Medal Awarded by the VOC to Ysbrant Godske for the Construction of the Castle at the Cape of Good Hope, anonymous, 1677 engraving, h 8cm × w 5cm × l 42cm × w 493gr gold (this one is in the Dutch Rijksmuseum). With kind regards,
  12. Hi pat66, I did see it, but it looked like some damage to the ring 😀 Even with a magnifying glass I can't see anything but what looks like a dent in the ring. So I will take your word that it is a Arthus Bertrand made medal. Maybe I can see more with a microscope ! Thanks for your help. Marcon1
  13. Thanks to both of you for your help. But as far as my poor eyes can see there is no marking on the ring - could this mean it's a different medal than was original in the box. If so, what other markings should I look for and how many other manufacturers where there ? Marcon1.
  14. Hi, I just got this French medal from a friend and as I know nothing about French medals I would be very grateful for any advice on type, value (if any) and ribbon. The name ARTHUS BERTRAND PARIS is stamped lower right of top lid. There is a mark (impression) which is difficult to see/make out on the "tail" at bottom of medal. - Sorry for the fussy scan, can't get it any clearer. Also, this ribbon was in the red leatherette case. Any ideas if this is correct, or, if not, from which country/medal is it. (Personally I'm thinking Greece or Israel because of
  15. Hi, I have several indian medals from the 1960's-70's with naming on it. Can anyone tell me where to go (look) for information about these persons. For example: INDIA 1971 20 YEARS LONG SERVICE MEDAL, Named: 14470446 HAV S NATH, ARTY, Cu-Ni. (MYB: I-65). INDIA 1971 9 YEARS LONG SERVICE MEDAL, Named: 1C-12070 A-MAJ. K.M. SETH, ARTY, Cu-Ni. (MYB: I-66). INDIA 1973 PASCHIMI STAR, Named: 3366417 SEP JOGA SINGH, SIKH R., Bronze. (MYB: I-37). Thanks in advance. Marcon1.
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