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  1. Hello mconrad, many thanks for the detailed information. It was certainly a lot of work to search all the data. I never thought Marin would receive so many high orders, especially when you read the text of hamelman. So Marin seems to habe been a brave officer. I am interestet in his life an career, because maybe some day I can buy the prussian award dokument from another collector. At this time, in prussia the plm was called "Verdienst-Orden / Orden vom Verdienst" , because after the lost war against France, they wanted to avoid the French currency "Pour lé mérite". If there is interest, I can introduce it here
  2. I have just read this thread. It is a Prussian epaulette from around 1825. 24th infantry regiment, located Neu-Ruppin and Prenzlau. Embroidered numbers with a dot behind were introduced in the year 1816. Since 1830 the numbers were made of metal. My photo shows a pair of epaulettes of the 20th infantry regiment, same period.These early versions are much more interesting to me than the late epaulets, but they are hard to find.
  3. First of all, I would like to introduce myself as a new member of this forum. My name is Peter, I live in Germany, I am a collector and member of the German “Gesellschaft fuer Heereskunde”. I am particularly interested in the times of the frederic the great and the Napoleonic Wars. I have read here several times that some members can provide information on Russian awards and officers. I do not speak Russian, nor can I read the Cyrillic script. That's why I address everyone today with one question: On December 8, 1807, the Prussian Order Pour le Mérite was awarded to Captain Yevgeny Nikiforovich Marin of the Russian Life-Guards Horse Regiment (?, in german: “Regiment Leib-Garde zu Pferde”). According to Friedhelm Heyde (Die altpreußischen Orden …; Abt. B, S. 149, Biblio Verlag, 1979) and the Prussian “Ordensliste 1817” (p. 89, no. 867) he was one of 46 officers of the Russian Guard, to whom this Order was apparently awarded for the Battle of Friedland on June 14, 1807. According to Hamelman / Martin (The History of the Prussian Pour le Merite Order, Vol. I, 1740 - 1812, Verlag Sammlerfreund, Hamburg 1982, No. 458, p. 301) "... a more political gesture than in recognition of distinguished military service or for distinction in action”. In 1835 he became judge at the conscience court in Voronezh (in german: “Gewissens-Gericht von Woronesch”). In case of this officer I am looking for more information: date of birth and death, military career, if possible, the more exact occasion of the award and possibly other awards from the wars of liberation. Is there a chance to find a picture of him somewhere? I would be very happy if someone from this circle could help me.
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