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  1. Thank you very much for your help With this information you could look for a suitable ribbon bar.
  2. N.28: Band und Stern des Kaiserlich-russischen St. Annen-Ordens Sorry, for the phrases in Spanish, but it's the same thing that I translated poorly into English in the previous intervention. N.29: Band und Stern des Senator-Großkreuzes des herzoglich-parmaischen Constantin - St Gerors-Ordens
  3. N.27: Band und Stern des Großkreuzes des königlisch-sizilianischen Orndens des heiligen Fernidand und des Verdienstes
  4. La mayoría de las estrellas están en una posición que apenas les permite verse con claridad. Solo los que están en la bandeja al lado del póster pueden verse en detalle Hay que reconocer que la posición e iluminación de muchas piezas de este museo es desastrosa. Luego mostraré otras estrellas, que puedes fotografiar con más detalle. N. 33: Band und Stern des Großkreuz des Estensischen Adler-Ordens (Herzogtum Modena) N.31 Band und Stern des Großkreuzes des Großherzolgich-toscanischen St.Joseph-Ordens N.6 Stern des Großkreuzes des hannoveranischen Guelphen-Ordens N.4 Stern des Königlich-sardinischen Annunziaten-Ordens
  5. They belonged to General Radetzky Most stars are in a position that barely allows them to be seen clearly. Only those on the tray next to the poster can be seen in detail It must be recognized that the position and lighting of many pieces of this museum is disastrous Then I will show other stars, which you can photograph in more detail. N. 33: Band und Stern des Großkreuz des Estensischen Adler-Ordens (Herzogtum Modena)
  6. Could anyone say what were the decorations of Generalleutnant Max Dennerlain?
  7. I want to share with everyone, this wonderful order of the Eagle photographed in the HEERESGESCHICHTLICHES MUSEUM VIENNA It seems to me one of the most beautiful I've seen
  8. I will start with the swords Unfortunately, the 10133 is not, instead the sword 9017 is repeated
  9. Recently I acquired an interesting sample of miniatures from Steinhauer & Luck, where you can see the sword models of its catalog I would like to share with you this wonderful and rare piece Little by little I will show each of the pieces in greater detail.
  10. Among the miniatures of the great work on the ribbon bar, Rick showed us this "Wreath Round Green Austrian 03" So do not hesitate to buy this pin, today I want to share it with everyone the photo has disappeared from the forum, So I dare to include a copy, save.
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