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  1. It appears to be the same garment worn by some of the Garde-Ulanen in this photograph.
  2. Indeed it is the embroidery for the officers of the Grenadier Regiment Nr. 2 Heir to the tradition of the old Infantry Regiment No. 8 "Ruits"
  3. Hermann Karl Rudolf Gebhard von Alvensleben (1809-1887) Gustav von Alvensleben (1803–1881) Werner von Alvensleben (1802–1877) Gebhard Karl Ludolf von Alvensleben (1798–1867) Reimar Constantin von Alvensleben (1809–1892)
  4. Here his biography: Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. loading them has reduced their quality, because on my computer they are seen clearly, loading them has not picked up the original quality. I don't know wh Let's see if dividing in two improves the quality
  5. Como siempre muchas gracias por tu interés. Aquí hay otros escaneos con mejor detalle de sus decoraciones. Thanks, again. With the information provided by Glenn J, I have been able to locate him when he was still a colonel. Commander of the Infanterie Regiment Nr 96
  6. As always, thank you very much for your interest Here are other scans in better detail of their decorations.
  7. It is difficult to know how the different elements of the batches with flags came together. With the Manteuffel-Dragoons veterans flag came a "Fahnenspitze" with the initials FR and the inscription 1762. from the time of Frederick the Great, so it shouldn't have been in this set either. In Lot 1542: A standard of the Uhlan Regiment "Grand Duke Friedrich von Baden" (Rhenish) No. 7, circa 1900. None of the elements accompanying the Standard pertain to that regiment. As for the Centennial Band, there were several regiments that had been founded in 1941 but only the two Leib-husa
  8. Flügel-Adjutant Major v. BOEHN. Here's a photo from 1899, I think it's the same person,
  9. I wanted to show everyone this photograph. I think it shows a rare variant of lore insignia. If my eyes are not deceiving me, I think it is a BeVo badge
  10. Last October, Hermann Historica auctioned, among other pieces (included in a lot that joined pieces without connection), the centenary band of one of the two Leib Husaren regiment. Today you have found a new home.
  11. Good morning, Today I want to share this nice photo of a Major im Königlich Bayerischen 2. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz
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