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  1. Good morning to all. I know you should know this, but what do these white ties on the shoulder pads mean? I appreciate any information.
  2. The penultimate ribbon (7) could be a Spanish decoration: Knight's Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica
  3. First of all thank all your answers and interest The second tape baffles me, because of the two vertical stripes in the center. The "Fürstlich Reußisches Ehrenkreuz 3. Klasse mit der Krone und Schwertern" tape does not have those two stripes. And I have never seen a "Württemberg Verdienstkreuz" medal with a crown. But it is the only tape I know of with the two vertical stripes in the center.
  4. I appreciate any information to identify this ribbon bar: 1. Preußen Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 2. Württemberg Verdienstkreuz mit Schwertern ¿?? 3. ¿??? 4. Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz 5. Lübeck Hanseatenkreuz 6. Bremen Hanseatenkreuz 7. ¿??
  5. Thank you very much to all, ixhs's point of view is interesting. opens up a wide range of possibilities
  6. Many years ago I got this miniature from a German ribbon bar, today I am unable to identify which medal it corresponds to. Height: 13 mm. Any help is welcome. Thank you
  7. Is it a Turkish or German brooch? A few months ago I bought this little brooch, and since then I have wondered if it would be for a Turkish officer or a German officer. Any comment will be well received, thanks.
  8. Weitze puts on sale "Preußen Säkular-Standartenband für die Fahne des Kürassier-Regiments Königin (Pommersches) Nr. 2" But it cannot be, since this tape is in another collection. So it can only be from one of the following units: Kürassier Rgt Graf Wrangel (Ospreussiches) Nr.3 Kürassier-Regiment von Driesen (Westfälisches) Nr. 4 Kürassier-Regiment „Herzog Friedrich Eugen von Württemberg“ (Westpreußisches) Nr. 5 Dragoner-Regiment „Prinz Albrecht von Preußen“ (Litthauisches) Nr. 1 Haupt-Kadetten Anstalt
  9. My little contribution: I found this photo of Admiral Gustav Freiherr von Senden-Bibran - General-Adjutant
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