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  1. Thank you very much for your comments. I thank you FAR 32 for the interpretation of the ribbon bar
  2. Finally, this afternoon my little whim came home. and I want to share with you this crown that made me do "crazy things"
  3. Thanks again for your attention. In part, I also agree with FAR 32 that an identified piece has much more value than one that is not. But I personally (and this is only a personal preference) do not value the history of a piece, if I cannot verify it 100%. Throughout my life as a collector, I have seen many pieces customized by collectors and sellers with the sole purpose of increasing their value. In this case, the only thing that mattered to me was the crown of the order of the red eagle. And this ribbon bar seemed original. It is true as Mike says, that sometimes we pay too much ahead of time, but it is also true that in my collector's life what I have regretted most is not buying what I wanted and that my possibilities allow me to buy it, and that finally Do not buy. As for Weitze, he is one of my reference sellers, and in his shop I have bought very good pieces but I have also seen copies and manipulations with or without intention. And in my last experiences with Weitze I am not very satisfied. As you can see in the following link. And I have many doubts in another piece that I have not yet dared to put it into consideration. and that I will present it in a new section.
  4. Weitze sells a much more expensive one, that of Ebay was accompanied by 6 eyelet brooches, and one of them with an enameled crown, which are not easy to see. Also, sometimes shopping at Weitze, and trusting originality is a matter of faith. (which is not always rewarded with what has been received) Weitze, just for the pass asking for € 350.00 https://www.weitze.net/militaria/69/Feldspange_des_preussischen_Vize_Admirals_Hugo_Meurer__324969.html?t=1568912878 Leaving aside the price (I know I have paid a lot and was aware of it) what opinions deserve this ribbon bar. it would be possible to identify the owner by seeing the chain that is sold on Ebay and that collects more decorations
  5. Thank you very much, I just saw the chain and I liked it a lot, although I agree that the price is very high. The ribbon bar bought it, although not for the price that appears, I made an offer and he accepted it. (knowing anyway it was expensive) For years I wanted a pin with a crown for the order of the red eagle, and this one seemed original. The chain that I have seen now helps me to confirm it.
  6. Hello, gentlemen, Could anyone tell me which medal corresponds to the last ribbon
  7. In the 80s Cejalvo offered imperial decorations at a good price and high quality. they did not sell it as originals . And they served well for the filling when you collect uniforms and do not want to spend a lot of money on knowing what, and knowing if it is original (then there was no internet and it was very difficult to know if what they sold you was original) I bought this PLM for 600 euros
  8. Fantastic waffenrock, hard to come by. Today I am a little envious. Thank you very much for showing us this beauty.
  9. I do not think it was an eccentricity, just ignorance of the tailor who sewed neck patches. As you can see it was not a unique case.
  10. thumbing through old magazines (Die Woche: Moderne illustrierte Zeitschrift) I found this nice picture of Generalleutnant Hoefer.
  11. Years ago download this photo from the internet. It is not mine and I do not know the source. I have it labeled as: LEICHTENSTERN - Generalmajor Karl Leichtenstern, Commander of the 10. Infanterie-Brigade
  12. Thanks for your answers. Many years of collector (more than 40) and such basic things without knowing.
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