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  1. I do not think it was an eccentricity, just ignorance of the tailor who sewed neck patches. As you can see it was not a unique case.
  2. thumbing through old magazines (Die Woche: Moderne illustrierte Zeitschrift) I found this nice picture of Generalleutnant Hoefer.
  3. Years ago download this photo from the internet. It is not mine and I do not know the source. I have it labeled as: LEICHTENSTERN - Generalmajor Karl Leichtenstern, Commander of the 10. Infanterie-Brigade
  4. Thanks for your answers. Many years of collector (more than 40) and such basic things without knowing.
  5. Doubt about the meaning of the word "leib" Can we say that the "Leibregiments" are the regiments of the guard of the different German states? Why a regiment was distinguished by the nickname of "leib"
  6. Sometimes the embroidery of old Waffenrock is reused https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/bild_zoom/zoom.php https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/bild_zoom/zoom.php
  7. Congratulations, a great piece, The Kleiner-rock is impeccable, nothing to reproach. the exceptional neck embroidery
  8. Hello, Today I wanted to show these neck patches, which belong to a bluse of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria. A merchant offered it to me and it was in my hands, but a superior bid did not keep me.
  9. Thank you very much, very grateful.
  10. And if someone thinks it's a copy, your opinion will also be well received
  11. Hello, This is not my collection field, but this piece I liked and it was not expensive, Someone could tell me what period it is. Very grateful, as always
  12. And finally, after years of searching, get a silver embroidered patch for Bavarian generals
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