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  1. Flügel-Adjutant Major v. BOEHN. Here's a photo from 1899, I think it's the same person,
  2. I wanted to show everyone this photograph. I think it shows a rare variant of lore insignia. If my eyes are not deceiving me, I think it is a BeVo badge
  3. Last October, Hermann Historica auctioned, among other pieces (included in a lot that joined pieces without connection), the centenary band of one of the two Leib Husaren regiment. Today you have found a new home.
  4. Good morning, Today I want to share this nice photo of a Major im Königlich Bayerischen 2. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz
  5. Thank you Laurentius for your kind words, It is I who is grateful for belonging to this wonderful gentlemen's club, which makes our hobby more enjoyable. And to be able to share with all of you this great passion that unites us. Deutschritter check your email
  6. Good morning Laurentius, I have sent you a message with the biography of this General published on the "Lexicon der Deutschen Generale" website. I have not dared to open it to respect copyright.
  7. Finally a Beamter who bought his ribbon bar from a fake Ebay assembler Could someone tell me which tape is in 7 place
  8. Generalmajor Karl Hauser Note the placement of the oak leaves between the eagles
  9. Sorry, I correct. the previous general is GENERALMAJOR THEODOR ERTEL
  10. A good example, Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt Generalfeldmarschall Erwin v. Witzleben Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List Generalmajor Eduard Eckardt
  11. Hello, gentlemen, I would like to show you one of my favorite miniatures. And some examples in use I think this one has better detail Here is a photo, from my collection, of Generalmajor Hermann-Erich Voig, already shown in its day by Rick Research. With a little more detail.
  12. Today, rebuilding with good quality copies is easy. But in his day when we didn't have the internet, and there were only a couple of merchants in Spain, we had no choice, and that was the only way to reproduce a marshal's uniform. Before it was impossible to identify the owner of any piece. simply or there was a way to access the information we have today. The connection that the internet allows with other collectors has made us change the way we view our collections. Today we value much more the pieces that have not been retouched. So when my avatar came home I had to get rid of many th
  13. In the recreation almost everything is original, The uniform itself is original, the eagle of course and is one of the best I have ever had. the general's shoulder pads are authentic and I have doubts about the marshal's canes. The neck patches were sold to me as originals (and I have always had doubts. - I will only believe that they are original if I see the photo in use and are identical to those that appear in the photo). Of the decorations, only the Pour le Merite is a copy of Cejalvo, the rest is original. The pin is assembled with original ribbons and I think that only the crowns of t
  14. Thank you very much to everyone for your help. I did not put the complete bar, because it would not help in any way to resolve the authenticity of the Wiederholungsspange, since this bar was assembled more than twenty years ago to complete a uniform that I had then. I was young and unconscious, and did not know the awfulness that it was to destroy bars to rebuild another. I wouldn't think of doing it today. Anyway, I show the result of my madness and the uniform I had it on for many years.
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