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  1. The Japanese started recruiting among Indian POWs after the disastrous surrender of Singapore. One cannot blame the Indian soldiers for believing - at that time, devoid of reliable, neutral news - that with the Brits soundly beaten joining the INA was their only chance of quickly getting home to India. In his memoirs FM Slim states that most of the INA units were of little fighting value and most of them surrendered when coming in contact with advancing XIV Army troops. MB
  2. And what about TENNYSON'S "DEFENCE of LUCKNOW": "Hold it for fifteen days!" We have held it for eighty-seven! And ever aloft on the topmost roof the old banner of England blew!
  3. A newcomer's choice: Newbolt: Vitai Lampada The Gatlin'gs jammed And the colonel's dead ... Yet a schoolboy's voice rallies the ranks: Play up, play up and play the game! Incomplete quote from memory. MB
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