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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me anything about this Iron Cross award document please. Thank you andy
  2. Hi Could do with a little help with this small grouping please. I believe I have the medals with the correct certificates but why two documents for the Cross? Also there are 5 post war A4 documents that from what I can make out are something to do with his work post war as a Customs Official-Is this correct? Also came with a black wound badge but I cannot see an entry in the pass book for this. Any information on this little grouping would be very much appreciated many thanks in advance regards andy
  3. I have a small collection of LV marked crosses and was wandering what marks others have. Mine are: LV2 LV12 LV24-Double Maker Marked LV51 LV65 LV82 LV88 sorry some of the close ups are not so good-Best I could get with the camera Would love to see yours and also any thoughts as to why these crosses are marked in this way regards andy
  4. Y marked cross and two Y marked packets-Both have a weak marking on the left hand upper Y
  5. The EW packet has a lovely Iron Cross Motif and came with tissue as did the Z
  6. As requested I am posting some pictures of my small collection of Maker Marked crosses with matching matching marked marked crosses. Would love to see what others are out there and what I still need to find regards andy
  7. Hi hope this is the correct section.Would really appreciate any information anyone can let me have about this small grouping. The 3 books I believe all belonged to Otto Palm and I assume the 2 cards are his son? Are the medals correct to the group and what branch/regiment would he of been in to get this combination. Any help very much appreciated. I have scanned some of the many pages but if more would be of greater help please let me know thank you andy
  8. Very interesting indeed. thanks for the replies regards andy
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