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  1. want to show you a document from my grandfather... never seen before and i think its rare... has anyone seen a document like this before?
  2. a very rare DKiG from Deschler & Sohn München (1) 10 rivets and a short needle...
  3. Hi... I bought the m36 without any decals... The dkig and all other medals are the originals from my grandfather. Wilhelm Busch Zgfhr. 3./Pi.Btl.30 http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/57529-oberfeldwebel-zgfhr-3pibtl30-owner-of-german-cross/ From 1936 till the end of the war... my grandfather only wear feldblusen from type m36. The m40 is from an obergefreiter of a tank unit.
  4. Started my Uniform collection in April 2013. 100% originals...
  5. M36 Fieldjacket from a Oberfeldwebel 30. Inf. Div. Pionier Bataillon 30 Everything 100% original.
  6. R.I.P. Nachname:Persson Vorname:Herbert Dienstgrad:Gefreiter Geburtsdatum:23.09.1916 Geburtsort:Hamburg Todes-/Vermisstendatum:24.10.1944
  7. Some impressions... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ucPLdA5sU0 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8szpb2-l1B0
  8. I still write a book... But i am waiting for the information from the WASt in berlin... The history of Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Busch. Zugführer 3.Pi.Btl.30 Owner of the german cross His diary with all of his fotos...
  9. Some fotos from Elstorf... and Daerstorf... The projectile was found in the churchtower in Elstorf.
  10. The hussars camped some days in Elstorf. My homevillage... I found the shells in an old bam. In the neighbourhood of my grandparents house. Their house was hidden by a granade too. The shells are dated 1944. the hussars collected weapons, binoculars, bicycles and other stuff and overdrived it with a tank. From Elstorf they went to Daerstorf. From Rade over Elstorf to Daerstorf were some heavy battles. In Elstorf a young beit. soldier died in his tank... He lays a few days in our church. Here is a picture... I also have some fotos...
  11. my grandfathers bayonets using at the war... the "Luftwaffendolch" is a gift from a dutch shoemaker. my grandfather and the dutch shoemaker became friends during the war. my grandfather visit him after the war a few times in holland.
  12. sorry... correction... must be the 8th hussars with Major Charlton...
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