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  1. Greetings from hamburg germany... I found here a topic about a pionier from the 2./pi.btl.30 And now i will show you the documents and orders from my grandfather. My grandfather was Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Busch. Zugführer of the 3./Pi.Btl.30 and owner of the DKiG (german cross in gold) I have all of his documents, orders, personal letters from his Kompaniechef Oberst Barth and more than 300 pictures from 1939 to 1945. including many pictures from Generalmajor von Briesen. One picture while von Briesen gives the Eiserne Kreuz II. Klasse to my grandfather. Sorry for my bad english :-) Here i will show you some things of this group... The first picture shows his german cross with some documents like Besitzurkunde and gratulation from Oberst Barth. The german cross is a light Zimmermann marked 20.
  2. Hi... Sure... I will show the items very soon... Maybee at the evening... I'm very proud to own these items including the german cross in gold with all documents and some personal letters from Oberst Barth Kompaniechef from the Pionier Bataillon 30 to my grandfather. I also have pictures from Generalmajor von Briesen when he gives the Eiserne Kreuz to my grandfather... Sorry for my bad english ;-)
  3. hallo and greetings from hamburg, germany... these are very nice documents... my grandfather was Oberfeldwebel Wilhelm Busch. Zugführer 3./Pi.Btl.30 owner of the german cross in gold. i have all of his orders, documents and more than 300 fotos from 1939-45.
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