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  1. Another ebay purchase hidden away a single British war medal to possibly one of the the best known Great war authors; Captain Guy Patterson Chapman OBE MC better know as Guy Chapman (1889-1972), editor, publisher, professor of history and author, Guy Chapman, the son of a wealthy barrister, G. W. Chapman, was born in London in on 11th September 1889. He was educated at Westminster School, Christ Church College (1908-11) and the London School of Economics before becoming a lawyer in 1914. Later that year Chapman married Doris May Bennett at Kensington Register Office. On the outbreak o
  2. In 1953 he got the MBE Major (Quartermaster) John Henry Cornelius HAWKINS (163586),. Royal Artillery
  3. Yes all sold and in the US....collection (and house contents!) on the high seas as we speak...offer in on a house as soon as possible will post (also the new and hopefully enlarged study !!!
  4. The grave just has his name...here is a picture of the Princess
  5. Originally wings were going to be placed there as they were linked to flying and the RAF then they were placed on the arm when it was decided they were trade badges, during the war SF and SOE placed them above medal ribbons to denote a combat jump.
  6. Thank you Gentleman, I was talking to a colleague about them today and how after all these years you can bring there lives back....you can get quite sentimental about this stuff sometimes....its is a great hobby....
  7. The medal I purchased by mistake: Captain Hugh Forrest RAMC, a pre-war territorial who was awarded the Territorial Decoration (TD) in 1928, he served with the Lowland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance on board the SS Arcadian landing at Cape Helles Gallipoli 29/09/1915 attached to the 52nd (Lowland) Division until 30 December when it was evacuated to Mudros. He remained attached to 52nd (Lowland) Division serving in Palestine and France. In 1919 he joined the Merchant Navy as a Surgeon serving though out WW2 including the Cunard White Star “Northumberland” in 1944 On June 23 1953
  8. Single 1915 star to Major William Sylvester Crosthwait, served on the Hospital Ship SS Braemar Castle and during the Gallipoli landings in the Hospital ship Assaye, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Royal Army Medical Corps. While on the Braemar Castle as senior medical officer he was mentioned in despatches 1918 as the officer who was in charge of the life boats when the ship hit a mine “Perhaps the best testimony to the behaviour of those on board was contained in a letter from Lieutenant‑Colonel J. C. B. Statham, R.A.M.C., to Lord Methuen, the Governor of Malta, dated Dec
  9. Ebay is a for many of us a chance to buy a piece of history but sometimes that "buy in now" button can cause a sense of dread....especially when you buy the wrong medal.....I had been watching a single 1915 Star to an RAMC doctor and when I saw the price had been reduced pressed that "buy in now" button, only to realise that it was the wrong medal.....wanting the other one (same dealer) I then bought the other one (the one I wanted),,,,,I went to bed thinking how stupid I was spending money I could ill afford................the first medal
  10. Thanks Brett, Peter for your comments, what a wonderful group it would be all together, just need a photo of the gallant Doctor!!
  11. Single British war medal "E.C. Long" French Red Cross (Hôpital Temporaire d'Arc-en-Barrois). Colonial Doctor and Dinosaur hunter Edward Charles Long was the son of George Long.He married Hilda Charlotte Harrison, daughter of Edward Francis Harrison and Lilian Young Reily, on 20 July 1899. Edward died on 28 August 1940. He was Companion, Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.) and Principal Medical Officer Basutoland He lived Kingston, Hampshire Edward C. Long, medical practitioner, followed various commercial pursuits until the age of 21, when he came to South Africa to r
  12. Great war pair, to Captain, later Colonel Allan Monkhouse, M.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E , Attached British Intelligence in Russia , noted engineer and Mi6 agent Born in New Zealand he went to Russia before the great war. Great war 1914-18 On the on the outbreak of WW1 he was instructed to remain in Russia by the British Government via the British Embassy to remain in Russia to continue with his work in Munitions, staying on after the fall of the Tsar. In Spring 1917 he was commissioned by the Kerensky Russian Provisional government into the Militia during the October Revolut
  13. WW2 In 1939 George re-enlisted in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve as a Temporary Flight Lieutenant, Special Duties, he appears on the Special Operations Executive (SOE): Personnel Files having failed to become a staff officer George Victor COTTAM - born 02.07.1898 Special Operations Executive: Personnel Files (PF Series). George Victor COTTAM born 02.07.1898. Collection: Records of Special Operations Executive Date range: 01 January 1939 - 31 December 1946 Reference: HS 9/360/3 Subjects: Intelligence He is noted that during while serving in RAF intelligence (overseas) he was acc
  14. Single WW1 Victory medal to George Victor Cottam Royal Flying Corps George Victor Cottam was born in Narva, Estonia (Then part of Russia ) on the 2nd July 1898 . The son of a mill manager for the Krenholm (Kreenholm/Narva) Manufacturing Company. His father George Cottam from Oldham was in charge of the large estate of Narva on which there was a large efficient hospital, a fever hospital, a maternity hospital, 2 English churches. He was also in charge of the Police Force and the running of the Police Station and the general care and attention of all the English factories were his sol
  15. Possible line of enquiry would be that he may have served with either the Royal Marine special police reserve or Admiralty police, most likely based at RNAS Culdrose,
  16. Single broken British WW1 victory medal!! Captain James D'Orsay Murray (January 22, 1874 - January 22, 1946) Veteran of the Spanish American war and the blockade of Cuba, Great War British Army and Nationalist speaker for the America First Committee. He was also associated with the Christian American Guards. Served as a Landsman with 1st Naval Battalion (New York Naval Militia) as a with the USS Yankee (Second division) from the April 28 - Sept. 2, 1898, Cuban Blockade. The U.S.S. Yankee was originally built as the passenger liner El Norteas. She was acquired by the United States Na
  17. Quick trip to town and a visit to the local junk shop, single WW1 victory medal all by its self for £10....couple of hours on the computer we have the attached
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