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  1. Hi Kev, The badge commemorates the campaign led by Daniel O' Connell for Catholic Emancipation and the 100 th anniversary of the passing of the Catholic Relief Act of 1829. An Ceallach
  2. Gentlemen, Possibly an Aeronautical Engineers Association badge (Ae.E.A) Formed in mid 1940's in the UK as a union. Regards - An Ceallach
  3. Gentlemen, An update on a previous discussion re 1916 "restrike", back in the day ! Post #94 To illustrate the observations in my previous post #81. The two officially named & numbered 1916 medals, typical for the series compared to a potential restrike from new dies. See Post #94 for images. Ceallach Post #81 <i>The unusual elements I would note are (1) whereas "Seachtmhain na Casca" appears precisely between 9 & 3 o'clock on the other 1916 medal's I own or have observed, in the case of this example the lettering extends substantially beyond both of these reference p
  4. I assume that this discrepency was brought to the attention of the auctioneers ? Wonder what their position was ! They should be held to account here and perhaps invited to equitably recitfy the situation. Time for a rogues gallery ? Regards - An Ceallach
  5. What is the badge size difference ? Did anyone get to measure it ? Was the Adams cap badge approx 6 mm larger in diameter than a 1922 all ranks pattern cap badge ? Regards - An Ceallach
  6. At the request of a fellow traveller, images from my collection. MMG Ist. Class An Ceallach
  7. Hi Ulsterman, No First Class, of this type, were ever awarded - this example one of ony a few in existence. The only First Class (design variation) ever awarded was to a Trooper Anthony Browne in the UN Congo Mission. A small patrol of Irish soldiers under Lt Kevin Gleeson had set out to examine a damaged bridge near Niemba when they were attacked by 200 warriors. Gleeson was forced to order his men to open fire as they got to a small hill, but they were quickly overrun, killing about two dozen of their attackers. Some of the soldiers managed to scatter into the bush, and one of them, Troo
  8. A recent addition...........Ireland - Military Medal for Gallantry First Class. An Ceallach
  9. A recent addition...........Ireland - Military Medal for Gallantry First Class. An Ceallach
  10. Gentlemen, Word on the street that 1916 fakes abound on the fair Isle ! Any comment. An Ceallach
  11. Gentlemen, There could be a problem with the named/numbered 1921 Service Medal currently on Ebay. The medal awarded to a recipient of that name has a different number in the research information available to me. I have asked the seller to post an image of the medal reverse and have also asked that he confirm the number stated - alas to no avail. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=016 An Ceallach
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