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  1. Thanks Mervyn.....good idea! heres another pic of the mark on the ring.........any ideas on the naming guys?
  2. Guys, i have been sent photos of a Waterloo medal, which has been stamped on the silver ring and on the rim of the medal (above the I in Wellington) the owner of the medal thinks that they are Dutch import duty marks.......what do you guys think of them? The medal appears to have been renamed to G PORTEGIES 2ND HUSSARS KGL was this man on the Waterloo medal roll?, is it an original medal or a later silver copy with the marks on ring and rim simply marking it as silver? I look forward to hearing you opinions! cheers dan
  3. Hi chaps Recently recieved this. It came from the house of a distant relative of my Wife, whose family were involed in the uprising and lived in Rathfarnham / Rathmines Road in the early part of this century. Its a lovely little pin in silver. No makers mark or hall mark. The Aero Association was a fore-runner of the Irish Air Corps, and they were called upon to aid and arrange for the possible rescue of Michael Collins from the Anglo-Irish Treaty talks of 1921, thus forming the embryonic Irish Air Corps. A Martinsyde Type A Mark II biplane was purchased and put on 24-hour standby at Cro
  4. Does any one ever have problems with then National Archives when trying to get an MIC online? For some reason it just wont take any of my cards! I an trying to get the MIC pte Albert Miller of the Highland LI (25436), the great grandfather of a friend. Any ideas? Dan
  5. They are definately undercollected! What ever you do DONT try and clean them! Ribbons of over 100 years in age will not take kindly to any kind of cleaning, particularly british silk ribbons! I have ruined several sets in my time.... Dan
  6. I am currently on the hunt for my 1st WWI EK! Im struggling however, as I cant seem to find one that flicks my switch and there are so many variations im a little lost - any pointers for what I should be looking for? Dan
  7. If only i was sellinf something other than British WWII Campaighn stars I might be rich! Dan :cheers:
  8. I have noticed over recent years that items ending on either a Sunday evening or Thursday evening always seen to do better than those ending on other days of the week. I took this to be due to people having more free time to have a play about on ebay on these days. Since noticing this trend I began to solely list my items between 7.30pm and 9pm on a Sunday, ending at the same time the following week, and have realised an increase of up to 35% in the prices my things have achieved. Dan
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