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  1. Way ahead of ya pal....I already have one...i have a few of the same coin but i have only onr of the set...same gold case as well. Thanks Lorenzo.....take care
  2. Hey my brother, Merry Christmas I paid about 70 or 80 bucks for it i think form our friend in Baghdad. T
  3. Thanks so much...that is a great pic and great bit of history.....
  4. http://www.military.com/features/0,15240,1...ml?ESRC=army.nl There are still amazing warriors serving our country and the world today.....
  5. Looking for some help to ID this one. My friend in Baghdad gave it to me & said it had something to do with rewarding Iraqi women for their sacrifices during the war effort. Any ideas or information?? Thanks in advance Tony
  6. My one ....modest....humble.....single.....contribution. When I grow up though, I want to get the big boy sized versions...truly one of the most striking orders..... The photo is Rick's form the sale room when I bought it....seem to have lost the ones I shot.....thanks Rick.
  7. My variation.....the back button is missing and the obverse looks to hae been damaged somehow and resealed with resin or epoxy. Otherwise pretty good overall.
  8. I'll keep my eyes peeled....I dont get to Baghdad much. When I go I'll check with our old friends there...should be there in about 3 weeks or so. Take Care T
  9. Here are my 2 variations in manufacturer. The reverse of the second is smooth, the strike is good....the details on the obverse are much more vaulted than the other...
  10. Soooo....how was your vino????? I cant have it here but I can live vicariously through you
  11. I just KNEW something like that as coming I'll be sure to ask him tomorrow....I'm positive he'l tell me he can get them and they are easier than the WaR.... Off topic a little guys....do you hae an image of the Order of Qaddisyiah Saddam?? Many thanks
  12. Yeah but the other side of all the information you guys give me gives me tons more to look for.... But you r right......it's good to have a narrower focus and soome discipline in this venture.....
  13. Fantastic discussion guys....I appreciate that...I do feel better hearing more advanced collectors and experts telling me they are out there. Honestly I really didnt realize it having been away for so long. With respect to the Order of Faisal or the Order of the Republic, do you think the lack of it on the market is simply that it's not as visible as the WaR has been in times? As you have pointed out , it is the most recognizable of the orders.....and has, for lack of a better term, become the "identity" for Iraqi collecting....all know the WaR but as you mention....fewer might recognize the
  14. Owain & Ed Thanks very much for your input. I am of the same mindset...problem I was having is what is fair price and not. I have had from 1500 to 3000 USD as a good price....so I topped off at 2K in my mind. Another collector friend who has one form here says 1500 here should be about it so if I cant get it for that....it isnt going to my house. I appreciate your time and of course your insight...thanks again for your help. My Best Tony
  15. Yes sir...that is a great help. No pics are allowed but I can tell you it is perfect. He is trying to get 3K for the GC set.....I know najafcoins has a royal GC set cased for about 2200....the dealers here will tell you the Royal stuff is not wanted here....it's cheap becuase no one wants to collect it. They want the republic period with the eagle.....so there is a feel for the market to some extent, but also the fact that he knows someone will pay it....just a matter of time. I felt 3K for it was too high..... I'll keep working him over Thanks Tony
  16. Hi all.... I have an opportunity for a purchase and would appreciate your input and expertise on scarcity and price.... Same dealer wanting to sell me the swords also has a GC set of the Order of the Two Rivers cased (the insert is missing). The order and sash and star are mint...the case is excellent with virtually no damage to the green exterior. I could not find any marks on the star or badge but the inside of the case is marked Bertrand. I have handled it and it is extremely well made, quite heavy, and simply beautiful. Included in the case are 4 X Post 1958 Bravery medals, mint conditi
  17. OK....no pics again. I did find out one of them sold. The sword wih the Iraqi National Emblem (eagle) sold.....he said a COL gave him a grand for it.....I doubt it. He was going to take 550 for both from my friend the other day. Anwyay, Below are 2 links from the internet showing the type I believe it is....I lean more toward the Model 1897 Infantry sword than the Regimental model. The handle is not black....but looks like whatever wood was used to make it. The blade is in excellent shape and the engravins are clean and crisp. The guard is good as well. Overall it shows some wear and age but
  18. No luck....the military will not let us take any pictures in the bazaar....neither will the vendor. He is afraid of getting in trouble. I will try to find like swords and post them as an example. He did tell a buddy of mine he would sell the 2 for 500 bucks.....pics as soon as I find something Sorry for the delay
  19. Right on Ed. That's exactly what it is right now. Ironically, this same guy with the Iraqi group (including the swords) is also the same guy that has all the medals for cheap.....funny thing is that they are printing your information off your site and using it to show prospective buyers of the medals what they are and what they were awarded for.....so you are also a known expert in Iraq too....well done Tony
  20. Thanks Chris.....good points, and it is clearly in full swing here. I can find the same Iraqi medals on ebay for 1/2 what one dealer here has them....but go to the next booth and he sells the same for 10 bucks a pop and they are real as well..... This guy had some amazing items.....but since I am ignorant in the sword world, I couldn't even venture a swag at what the basic value of a sword would be...with no provenance other than the markings. My guess was waaaay out of wack on the proce as well. I would guess 200-400 at the high end just for the fact it is linked to the regime and quasi cur
  21. Hi all....while I am not a collector of swords and edged weapons, I was offered a grouping here in Baghdad that contains 2 swords. both are well made and solidly constructed. I hae no idea when they were made. Both are marked with German maker marks. I did t write the names. One is marked with the Iraqi National Republic eagle and some script. The other is marked with a triangle atop an arab symbol....not sure what it is or what letter it is. I am curious what, if any, value Iraqi swords would have in the parket and what the potential value is. They are part of larger group but the seller say
  22. Medal for the 14 Ramadan Revolution, 1963 Ed posted as part of the main body of the thread, but he pointed out something interesting to me about this one. This particular one is not Swiss made as many of the Iraqi awards were. It is unmarked but of good quality.....I believe an Iraqi made variation of the medal. It is pretty clear and crisp in the details but missing any maker marks. Thought it would be an interesting post as an example of a very good quality Iraqi made variation vice the later substandard made pieces under the embargo years. Thanks to Ed for validating this one for me.
  23. Picked this up the other day, don't know why the table medals form the kingdom intrigue me so much. Maybe the history and the road traveled tgo where we are now...in any event, they keep jumping out at me. This is a commemorative medal for the opening of the New Baghdad Bridge in 1957. Not sure exactly where in the metropolitan area it is.....it's about 3 inches in diameter and with it's original fitted box. The neat thing to me is the maker name on the bottom, Hugein, as well as the Iraqi store and address in Baghdad. Any information is appreciated...thanks as always
  24. Hey Bob....I founf a wall clock here in Baghdad with a picture of Saddam in uniform wearing his awards. I could not see it well enough to them all. I will try to get the guy to let me take a photo of it instead of buying it.....although it might be neat as well. More to follow as it's Friday and they are not open today...... In the interim I found these pics on the internet....it's not the greatest but might be able to start building on it. As I can see them from left to right as you look at the picture from Bender Publishing: Wissam al-Rafidain, GC Military Division Medal Bar: Unknown Med
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