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  1. Hi !

    I am looking for more infos about

    Stabsarzt Dr. Fischer (later Oberstabsarzt) in Ulm  (kingdom of Wuerttemberg)

    I know that he was decorated with

    -Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 (i do not know  "combatant" or non combatant")

    - Bayerisches Verdienstkreuz für 1870/71

    Are there more infos about him  - especially i would like to know if he was still alive in around 1914/18

    and if he got more decorations (for example Friedrichsorden knight)

    Thank you very much.

  2. I know where the bar came from. It was a longer time on his page.

    I did not buy it, because i wasn`t sure about the finish of the HSVM. 

    My stomach says: Zahlmeister guy (paymaster)

    I did a research on that bar  - for 95 % - i would say it was  "Mesecke"  - Art. Dep. Insp. Berlin - born 1874 (as i still can ID my handwritten notes...)

    The problem is, that also Siekmann doesn`t show all "lower" decorations as many other sources.



  3. I have never seen such a piece hanging on a bar

    Ritterkreuz mit Schwertern auch als besondere Auszeichnungen mit goldenen Löwen, seit 1864 auch mit Krone

    (knight`s cross w. swords & golden lion)

    I know that for example Major Karl Hieronymus Kdr. of FAR 51

    earned his "lions" on 14.6.1917

    Wiki says: 80 recipients - what are the sources about it - Nimmergut?


  4. HI - here one of my collection.

    I bought it especially because of his interesting "vita".

    Bracher earned his GMVM early in 1915 as Lt. in IR 121 - later he got the MVO.  He was wounded several times. The pic shows him as 1st Lt. and with silvered wound badge - so it must have been taken in 1918.

    In WW2 he was officer of 260 ID - my uncle Willy fought with them in russia.

    He was POW in a russian camp till 1954 and high decorated.

    Nice, that his bar is still existing.


    zähringer 46.tif

  5. Hi to all !

    Here some of my new ones.

    I would have some questions about the pics:

    -  The shown Lt. has the number 15 on his shoulderboard - does it mean, he served in the 15 IR?

    He wears a Pickelhaube - not a M 16 or later steel helmet. When i look at the MVO 4th class with X

    i think (because of the swords) it is a piece of 1916 or later - the combination with Lippe is uncommon - sothe earliest date

    for this pic would be that time.

    The pic was made by Atelier Kegel (i found a Kegel Hoffotograph with shop in Wuppertal (prussia) and Kassel (hessia)).

    Can anybody confirm, that the shown uniform is bavarian?

    #2 :

    Seems like a military official in a staff officier´s rank. (because of his shoulderboards?????)

    Unfortunately no name and no date as on pic #1.

    Can anybody confirm, that this guy has an official`s rank - if yes, that combination -for me - is interesting (with twm & IC 1st class)


    Thanks again!

    zähringer 45.tif zähringer 48.tif

  6. Hi i`m doing research on the wuertt. golden MMM (gMMM or MVM1) since a couple of years. In my opinion (and what i saw)  the most Subalternoffiziere (Lt./Olt., not Feldwebelleutnants because no officer´s patent) were awarded with the FO2X bevor the got the golden MMM - but not in every times.  And there are some guys with "only" the IC2nd class + golden MMM - or only a few (the sources are not complete!) at the beginning of war with "only" a golden MMM (in this time the procedure was divided) The gMMM had a higher rank as the FO2X  so normally it had to return to Königliches Münzamt (K.M.). but i know a few cases, in which

    FO2X and gMMM (if it was an officier and he later won the MMO (MVO) was left in recipient`s hands for memory (?) or if he died in families hands. I have a bar with an early  FO2X and gMMM (i showed it at GMIC a few months ago).

    Also the gMMM was given to ranks over a Subalternoffizier for example "Rittmeister" (= Hauptmann/captain)  - but i only knew  a few recipients. The most officers did earn the MMO (MVO) between the war  and in the 1930s they got his honorable sold for it, as the NCO and EM did get it for earning the gMMM.

    The problem for ID a (may be later)  pilot/"air guy"  is also, that "Moser" not always shows the actually troop part of the recipients. Only M 709 at Staatsarchiv Stuttgart  shows ~1/3 of the recipients  mostly with pics, that could help for ID a guy. 

    (several times i had luck for ID a pic!)





  7. I have a 66 veteran, which earned his IC non combatant in 1914. Thats my oldest guy. He also got the RAO 4 with "50".

    I know a collector who has a bar with 1848/1864/1866/1870 medal, IC 1870 & China campaign and SWA (both for non combatants)

    Unfortunately he won`t sell it :(

    one of my favourite bars for non combatants:

    A high decorated jewish guy with 3 (!) non combatant awards:





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