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  1. Hi, thanks for the infos. Here my pic. I am nearly sure, that he wears his art & science on ribbon of the crown order. Can somebody help to ID the version of the helmet - it is with mimikri tarn (?).
  2. EK I (first german priest with EK I) and II, MVO4, Würtemberg order of merit, austrian Franz-Joseph medal -MVO am Band für Militärbeamte (on military official´s ribbon) -Franz Josef Ritter am Kriegsband -Friedrich 1st with X and later Hindy cross with X His medal bar is shown in a bavarian museum in Munich. Foohs also did earn the MVO on the same ribbon. I also have a few pics of decorated priests. The pro ecclesia cross is a nice decoration and not so easy to find on bars. I have had 3 of them. I still have one. It was one of my first bar´s and offered by Militaria Beck. This guy is gone a long time.
  3. Hi, I need more information about the painter (Maler) Hans (Friedrich Georg Hans) von Heider born 7.1.1867 in Munich died: 11.4.52 in Blaubeuren (near Ulm) I know, that he was bavarian Olt. (or later Hauptmann) d.L. (d.R.) He got -IC 2nd class -Wilhelmscross with X -Wuerttemberg small medal for art & science -Friedrichsorder knight 1st class without X -bavarian LDA2 Are there more infos about him? I do not have the book of Klein/Raff. Espec. i would like to know, when he got his medal for art & science - in 1915/16 he was regimental painter of IR 125 THANKS.
  4. Hat der Hesse die immer noch 😉 Nice minis. PS: The shown person on my pic is Schwester (Frl.) Lonny H. von Versen with her ribbon of the IC. One of a handfull female recipients of the IC. The pic was taken in St. Mihiel 1915. (written on the backside)
  5. sometimes you can find "Moser" at ebay.de - but bevor you buy it - ask the seller if the names are inside. (The names of the GMMM recipients (nearly all names) is also included)
  6. Its a bar of a Badener and its rare because of the russian connection - in a lot of bars those medals are missing, because Russia was since 1914 an enermy of the Deutsches Reich.
  7. In the Ehrenbuch you only can find recipients of the GMMM and only those guys who were members of that re founded "club" in around 1957. I have had 5 pieces of the Ehrenbuch and sold 2 of them in the past. Its hard to find a numbered piece of them with certificate in it and signed by Albert Mayer. A good book with the recipients of the MMO is the Moser book in its version around 1936. (Christian Belser Verlag, Stuttgart) I.m.o not all versions does include this list. You can find it for may be 50 or more EUR. I am writing on an article about the GMMM. Its not finished yet, but i have more than 100 pages about it, with a lot of photos. Uwes shop is down. He had an accident and now he is on holidays. I do not know, if he will open it again.
  8. I cannot judge about the clasps to the "China" medal but the rest of that bar looks good imo. The 1st shown bar is definitely a nice one, too.
  9. Now, i understand. I will make a try to contact him over email. On weekend i think (may be!) he makes a visit at Christian´s auction. (Bene Merenti) Unfortunately i am not in Stuttgart. - May be one of the GMIC users here. (????) I wrote a PM to him over email, now. ... and yes, a Wilhelm Ernst Kriegskreuz is not really cheap. But note: If you want to send it as a standard DHL package it doesn`t have an transport insurance!!! (only for items till 500,00 EUR). If your item does have more worth than 500,00 EUR and the package is lost - you won`t get 1 Cent by DHL!!!
  10. Man, my english is definitely not good enough. You`re waiting for your items he still has? And he bought it for you at Ebay because some sellers do not ship to Australia??????? I try to contact him over email.
  11. My english is not good enough to understand all: What`s your problem? Did you buy some offered pieces and they did not arrive yet? Or did you sell some pieces to him and you`re waiting for your money? If you did buy something - in my opinion it is not unusual, that packages from Germany to Australia need some weeks to arrive. In all of my years i did buy things nearly from all parts of the world. I have waited only a few days - till 8 weeks. I know Sascha W. as a good guy - i don`t think, that he will hang you down.
  12. I think your guy could be "Berckhemer". In the 1913 book he`s listed as Kriegsgerichtssekretär at the 2nd Division at Ulm. -s.V.M. - DA1 - R.A.M. Normally 1870 war commemorative medal and Centenialmedals are not listed in most books. He fought in 1870 - so he must be born around 1850 (not earlier because no 1866 medal) - in 1913 he was 63 years old. Sekretär would also fit - it´s a lower officials rank. The (only not listed) medal on his bar may be it was given as he was retired. (normally between 63 and 65 years)
  13. could you please share with me why do you think so? For drinking a lots of Vodka with russian guys. 🤩 No, the Schlossgardekompagnie did make some parade stuff if higher foreign people visit the royal family. And because till 1914 Russia did not have the status of an enermy country AND queen Olga was a born Romanowa i think these guys would fit. Olga did a lot of good things to the state of Württemberg. - Today there`s still a Olga hospital (the citizen of Stuttgart say Olgäle), an Olgastreet , a very tasty Olga Bretzel, an old Russian church in Stuttgart and Württemberg has the Grenadierregiment "Königin Olga" 119. The people say, the last king of Württemberg - Wilhelm II. was very unhappy to fight against Russia in WW1. You can see the "Knutschlöwe" on the link. (behind the monument generations of young couples did meet and gave kisses to each other - I also did with my wife in younger years)😘 https://www.google.com/search?q=löwe+stuttgart+grenadier+regiment&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&biw=1536&bih=722&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=lzJoh3ux9jVzMM%3A%2Cv__Q8ZAP6IwWjM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kSbFMTalAOOXCS2xeqcE4uKCyZbGw&ved=2ahUKEwjh6cHzhp7hAhVE16QKHaA0C_0Q9QEwA3oECAkQBg#imgrc=QM951dVStA9ZRM:&vet=1
  14. Ulmer Rembold Scholderer Staib Hinderberger Schweizer Berckhemer Meiser All NCO - so one of it could be your guy. - i would bet it is one of the former members of the Schlossgardekompagnie.
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