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  1. I would 95 % bet: -A Wehrmacht Beamter especially a Paymaster - Zahlmeister (Oberstabszahlmeister)
  2. I don`t know much about that crosses - but i think, it looks good. I have a list with ~ 100 awarded persons.
  3. I'd say you are spot on with the long service decoration. The medal on #2 has to be a civil merit medal in silver, as the military merit medal, back in that era, would have a plain dark blue ribbon. Also, I'd assume it would outrank the merit medal of the Friedrichsorden. Can we be sure the photo and the miniature medal bar once belonged to the same person? I don't think so, as the combination is, I'd guess, not necessarily unique. But it is scarce, and chances are they do make a set. A great addition to this thread for sure! I agree # 3 is imo a Dienstehrenzeichen.
  4. "The civil guy" on the right next to 29 - first i thought it could be Martin Bormann but in around 1925 i think he would be too young. Number 12 wears a Baden decoration´s ribbon + Iron cross. I know that face - could it be a pilot of a Sanke card? # 26 is definitely von Falkenhausen. # 2 has the rank of a Korvettenkapitän.
  5. Wow, that´s awesome. Thank you very much. # 19 - i would nearly bet: Eberhard von Mackensen (he was the son of Feldmarschall Mackensen) and member of Braunschweiger Totenkopfhusarenrgt (see pin on his cap)
  6. Hi, thank you both. I think the fat guy behind "Jodl" is Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord. The general in mid of first line is wearing a PLM. von Rundstedt is wearing the shoulderboards of an Oberst (colonel), so the pic must have been taken between 1923- 1926
  7. HI again, I got the following photo /postcard a few days ago. Unfortunately no names and no dates. The card shows some guys of the Reichswehr. I know some of the faces especially in the 1st line but i don`t know the names. I tried to ID some guys - here are my possibilities: 1st line 3rd of left: von Blomberg, later Reichswehrminister 1st line 4rd of left: (later) General von Lossberg J = Alfred Jodl ? S = later Fieldmarshal Hugo Sperrle Sch = Kurt von Schleicher R = may be later SA leader Ernst Röhm F = Alexander von Falkenhausen X = i know their faces, but not their names. Any idea???? Thanks for help. S I did a marking on other named guys.
  8. It `s not so common but not really rare (for me as a German) but it is a nice combination.
  9. Hi again and a happy New Year to all. Here i have another pic (i got it from Chris). I think, the shown staff officer could be the later Gen Lt. Otto Haas - he´s wearing both IC & wuerttemberg MMO. I think the pic was taken latest in 1916 - because he`s wearing a Pickelhaube. Any thoughts ?
  10. Ok - did not know, that there`s a Bahlingen in Baden. Taufgasten There`s no word as this in german - it means Taufpa(h)ten today Taufpaten.
  11. Hi, thanks. The problem in my opinion is: Exactly - he was Oberförster a.D. and as he moved to Miltenberg as a "director" it was a private school. Oldenburg archives said: No KLK to Oldenburger citizen between 1916/18. But as i know in other cases - not all data is complete or missing "in time". I have a note in a newspaper, that he got the KLK in late 1918 - unmittelbar vor dem Zusammenbruch and thats a reason, why the "Genehmigung zur Annahme" (da nichtoldenburgische Auszeichnung) is missing. Zwischen Antrag und Genehmigung vergingen zumeist mehrere Wochen im Staatsminsterium (weiß ich von Badischen und Württembergischen Archivbeständen). Ende Nov. 1918 erklärte der Großherzog in den "Medien" das er nicht mehr befugt wäre, jegliche Dekorationen zu vergeben, bzw. zu genehmigen. The owner of my bar was definitely an Oldenburger Landeskind.
  12. Bahlingen - today Balingen is a small town in southern Wuerttemberg.
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