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  1. Hi i`m doing research on the wuertt. golden MMM (gMMM or MVM1) since a couple of years. In my opinion (and what i saw) the most Subalternoffiziere (Lt./Olt., not Feldwebelleutnants because no officer´s patent) were awarded with the FO2X bevor the got the golden MMM - but not in every times. And there are some guys with "only" the IC2nd class + golden MMM - or only a few (the sources are not complete!) at the beginning of war with "only" a golden MMM (in this time the procedure was divided) The gMMM had a higher rank as the FO2X so normally it had to return to Königliches Münzamt (K.M.). but i know a few cases, in which FO2X and gMMM (if it was an officier and he later won the MMO (MVO) was left in recipient`s hands for memory (?) or if he died in families hands. I have a bar with an early FO2X and gMMM (i showed it at GMIC a few months ago). Also the gMMM was given to ranks over a Subalternoffizier for example "Rittmeister" (= Hauptmann/captain) - but i only knew a few recipients. The most officers did earn the MMO (MVO) between the war and in the 1930s they got his honorable sold for it, as the NCO and EM did get it for earning the gMMM. The problem for ID a (may be later) pilot/"air guy" is also, that "Moser" not always shows the actually troop part of the recipients. Only M 709 at Staatsarchiv Stuttgart shows ~1/3 of the recipients mostly with pics, that could help for ID a guy. (several times i had luck for ID a pic!) Best Joe
  2. Nice but unfortunately the inlet is missing. In my opinion this types of cases are latest made in the early 1920s.
  3. Grandpa got his war aid cross for fighting on the homeland front. I like those "reactivation" guys.
  4. I have a 66 veteran, which earned his IC non combatant in 1914. Thats my oldest guy. He also got the RAO 4 with "50". I know a collector who has a bar with 1848/1864/1866/1870 medal, IC 1870 & China campaign and SWA (both for non combatants) Unfortunately he won`t sell it one of my favourite bars for non combatants: A high decorated jewish guy with 3 (!) non combatant awards: http://objekte.jmberlin.de/object/jmb-obj-516608;jsessionid=EA323D9B0A00F077B7E32D9F9A2AFB77
  5. Hi everybody! Got this nice and rarer photo. It shows a prussian pilot (i think with wuerttemberg roots or a wuerttemberg guy in a prussian regiment) with the wuerttemberg golden bravery medal - the pic was taken on his award`s day (he wrote it on the back) unfortunately no date. The special thing about it is, that he did not get the IC 1st class bevor he was awarded with the GMMM. Those pics are not easy to find. Is there a chance to ID that guy for noticeing it in my photobook? Thank you very much.
  6. A Luftwaffe guy - i.m.o. hard to ID - i think it could be a Captain or may be more. I have a bar of an later Genmaj. with only one WH LSM 4 (!)
  7. Hi, thanks for the infos. Here my pic. I am nearly sure, that he wears his art & science on ribbon of the crown order. Can somebody help to ID the version of the helmet - it is with mimikri tarn (?).
  8. EK I (first german priest with EK I) and II, MVO4, Würtemberg order of merit, austrian Franz-Joseph medal -MVO am Band für Militärbeamte (on military official´s ribbon) -Franz Josef Ritter am Kriegsband -Friedrich 1st with X and later Hindy cross with X His medal bar is shown in a bavarian museum in Munich. Foohs also did earn the MVO on the same ribbon. I also have a few pics of decorated priests. The pro ecclesia cross is a nice decoration and not so easy to find on bars. I have had 3 of them. I still have one. It was one of my first bar´s and offered by Militaria Beck. This guy is gone a long time.
  9. Hi, I need more information about the painter (Maler) Hans (Friedrich Georg Hans) von Heider born 7.1.1867 in Munich died: 11.4.52 in Blaubeuren (near Ulm) I know, that he was bavarian Olt. (or later Hauptmann) d.L. (d.R.) He got -IC 2nd class -Wilhelmscross with X -Wuerttemberg small medal for art & science -Friedrichsorder knight 1st class without X -bavarian LDA2 Are there more infos about him? I do not have the book of Klein/Raff. Espec. i would like to know, when he got his medal for art & science - in 1915/16 he was regimental painter of IR 125 THANKS.
  10. Hat der Hesse die immer noch 😉 Nice minis. PS: The shown person on my pic is Schwester (Frl.) Lonny H. von Versen with her ribbon of the IC. One of a handfull female recipients of the IC. The pic was taken in St. Mihiel 1915. (written on the backside)
  11. sometimes you can find "Moser" at ebay.de - but bevor you buy it - ask the seller if the names are inside. (The names of the GMMM recipients (nearly all names) is also included)
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