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  1. Hi, i saw it at Zeige. I don`t want to say, that the medal could be fake - i did not like the finish but may be i am wrong with it. The ribbon bar was also sold at Zeige with some others.
  2. I know where the bar came from. It was a longer time on his page. I did not buy it, because i wasn`t sure about the finish of the HSVM. My stomach says: Zahlmeister guy (paymaster) I did a research on that bar - for 95 % - i would say it was "Mesecke" - Art. Dep. Insp. Berlin - born 1874 (as i still can ID my handwritten notes...) The problem is, that also Siekmann doesn`t show all "lower" decorations as many other sources.
  3. Thanks to all. - Wow Dave - Mr. Data - that´s great. Thank you. - so KIA in 1916. I.m.o. the MVO4X is a piece of around 1916 - it would be great, if Andreas could have a look on it.
  4. Hi, Danke - thank you to all. #1 - is it a guy of IR 15 - an infanterist? #2 - no, unfortunately no date, no name, no unit. I think it´s a photo taken at "home".
  5. Thank you very much. Did you ever see a bar with it? I have sources between 1914/18 - they only show a handfull recipients.
  6. I have never seen such a piece hanging on a bar Ritterkreuz mit Schwertern auch als besondere Auszeichnungen mit goldenen Löwen, seit 1864 auch mit Krone (knight`s cross w. swords & golden lion) I know that for example Major Karl Hieronymus Kdr. of FAR 51 earned his "lions" on 14.6.1917 Wiki says: 80 recipients - what are the sources about it - Nimmergut?
  7. HI - here one of my collection. I bought it especially because of his interesting "vita". Bracher earned his GMVM early in 1915 as Lt. in IR 121 - later he got the MVO. He was wounded several times. The pic shows him as 1st Lt. and with silvered wound badge - so it must have been taken in 1918. In WW2 he was officer of 260 ID - my uncle Willy fought with them in russia. He was POW in a russian camp till 1954 and high decorated. Nice, that his bar is still existing. https://wordpress.260id.de/?page_id=161 zähringer 46.tif
  8. Hi to all ! Here some of my new ones. I would have some questions about the pics: - The shown Lt. has the number 15 on his shoulderboard - does it mean, he served in the 15 IR? He wears a Pickelhaube - not a M 16 or later steel helmet. When i look at the MVO 4th class with X i think (because of the swords) it is a piece of 1916 or later - the combination with Lippe is uncommon - sothe earliest date for this pic would be that time. The pic was made by Atelier Kegel (i found a Kegel Hoffotograph with shop in Wuppertal (prussia) and Kassel (hessia)). Can anybody confirm, that the shown uniform is bavarian? #2 : Seems like a military official in a staff officier´s rank. (because of his shoulderboards?????) Unfortunately no name and no date as on pic #1. Can anybody confirm, that this guy has an official`s rank - if yes, that combination -for me - is interesting (with twm & IC 1st class) Thanks again! zähringer 45.tif zähringer 48.tif
  9. Yes, you can find them on pics around ~ 1900 or earlier - but sometimes also on pics of WW1 times. A part of Württemberg did belong to Austria in former times - so may be that`s a reason for it.
  10. Hi in 707, 708, 709 and some other numbers you can find some curiosities as trifold ribbons, rare combinations and other nice stuff - also of prussian officers and later high decorated WW2 personnel. I have the most of that pics in my Bestand. I have two pics with kuk war merit cross ribbon (and laurel wreath)
  11. The shown piece is called "Weimarer Fertigung". There are silvered & golden medals out there. Some are thicker and some have nearly the weight of "real ones". I have a few of them.
  12. Yes, it could be awarded for donations - the same for example as the kuk Ehrenzeichen/medaille of the red cross or the Hilal-i-ahmer medal.
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