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  1. Saxon styled Frackspangen (tuxedo bars) are not so easy to find in a combatants`s version. For this shown piece on non-combatant ribbon - it took nearly 10 years to find such a piece for my collection. The IC is a KO (Klein & Quenzer) piece - the hindy cross is a G&S (Glaser & Son, Dresden/Saxony) I was happy to find that piece in a small Militaria shop in 2019.
  2. Time Left: 18 days and 19 hours

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    Hello I want to sell this nice and i.m.o. original 4 place medal bar with -IC 2nd class (should be a Godet or Wagner piece, see core) -Hindenburg cross with X (mm A& S for Assmann) -ribbon of the TWM (so called Galipolli star) -3rd Reich Fire brigade honour badge 2nd class ( imo a version of 1938 or later) + TWM imo a turkish made one of Zinc/Buntmetall and painted core. The bar does have a good condition and has a rarer combination with TWM and Fire brigade badge. Shipping only in countries of the E.U. Paypal: We can split the 4 %. Bank transfer prefered. Shipping as "Warensendung" registered of DHL 6,00 EUR


  3. Sad for us in Germany. As in many more museums (security): "it must not cost anything" - es darf halt nichts kosten.
  4. #1 Bavarian MMCr #2 Baden Order of Zähringer Lion knight 1 with oaks #3 Prussia Red eagle order 4th class or 3rd #4 Württemberg Friedrichsorder knight 1 # 5 Bavarian LSC 24 years
  5. Hi, i don`t know much about Hannover orders & medals - but what i know is, that those early crosses are very hard to find. And they are very expensive, because of its gold. Also harder to find are Hannover pics with that cross on it (After 1866 Hannover was "finished")
  6. Hi again, Thanks to all for giving me input about my questions. I got some new pics - i`d like to show 3 of them. #1 : Seems to be a guy of the Freiwillige Krankenpflege - may be a saxon with a 9 place ribbon bar. I´ve never seen that device of the Carola medal (oaks with numbers on it). He wears: IC combatant - hindy cross - austrian war memorial medal with X - ????? - Carola medal - prussian red cross medal 3 - saxon general honour cross - red cross medal 2 and ???? (may be iron crescent) What do you think about the ?????? decorations. The pic is dated with 1941, Graz Austria - he war reactivated and served as Luftwaffe official. # 2: Seems to be military official - is he a prussian - is it a paymaster? The pic was taken in Köthen / Anhalt. He wears: IC combatant - ???? (may be Hamburg hanseatic cross - or Anhalt Friedrichscross combatant) - and may be Centenial or LSM. #3: A Wuerttemberg guy. I was happy, to find it. He´s golden bravery guy. No date on it. Taken in Langenau (near Ulm). He´s an officer who was awarded with golden bravery & Friedrichsorden knight2 with X. (interesting, because normally FOIIX had to given back after awarding the golden bravery) What about the last decoration on his bar ? - Baltenkreuz? The pic must have been taken in 1936 or later. Unfortunately: No name... Thanks for watching. '
  7. Thanks a lot ! i am not sure, but may be i`ve made a mistake: In 1877 Staatshandbuch - page 189 says: Einstein, Stabsarzt in Ulm and than: Fischer, Dr. daselbst (daselbst means he is also living in Ulm) I think he´s Dr. - but not Stabsarzt. The problem is, that "Fischer" is a damn common name in Germany. 1843 sounds good. my considerations were, that if was active in 1870 he should be born around 1840-45. I also found an entry in the internet, that he was still Hospitalarzt in around 1900 in Ulm. In 1914 he would have been around 70 years - that would fit with the IC "non-combatant" and Wilhelmscross without X for "home merit". I hope, i will get the data of the 1870/71 cross, soon - and get the data of Oldenburg and Braunschweig - i need it for trying two ID 2 other bars....
  8. Sorry for asking again: I found my infos in Wuerttemberg Hof und Staatshandbuch 1877 In the 1869 phonebook of Ulm he is listed only as "Dr. Fischer". Any more infos out there?
  9. A homefront guy - may be Feuerwehrkommandant, Freiwillige Krankenpflege, Beamter or something in that way. That`s the reason, why he did not get any front decorations.
  10. No problem. I also have 38 & 39, but i know, that Freiburg has the 36´s list - but a request there, needs time..
  11. Thank you v e r y much, Glenn. Is he still in the 1939 Siekmann (age would be 67 at this time)? Perfect, Glenn, perfect! Got him in 1922 Löbau Adressbuch as OZM and 1935 as Stabszahlmeister. 😁
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