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  1. I like the bar - but i`ve never seen such an early bar with this "Nicholl" hooks on it. I would let the bar as it is now.
  2. Hi together, First: I wish you a happy, healthy New Year 2021. Second: I found an old thread about GFM Model and his bar here in the forum. As some of you know, i also collect pics and postcards (photo cards) of military personel of the German Army. I few days ago, i could get the shown card. The seller didn`t know the name of that guy. Imo the card shows the later GFM Walter Model - here as a Hauptmann of the Reichswehr. If i am right, the AGFA sign on the back signs to me, that the photo was taken in around 1923. I cannot produce a better result with my
  3. The golden certification is about the Eiserne Halbmond ("Iron crescent aka. TWM") I sold the lot a few years ago. The FJO knight is a typical decoration for military docs and Geistliche. Sanitätsmajor = in German a Stabsarzt. Because of his service in Militärmission Türkei he got a rank higher.
  4. Hi Preusse, Could you please take the pics of the "Dr. Retzlaff Konvolut" into this thread. You can find it in search function with "Retzlaff" I have a few problems with the internet, today. Thanks.
  5. Hi i cannot explain it in English and "Google Translator'" is not the best source. I will write my opinion in German: Meiner Meinung nach ist das die Feldspange eines Deutschen, der in osmanischen (türkischen) Diensten stand. Ich hatte eine vergleichbare Spange mit einem Urkundenkonvolut vor ein paar Jahren. Meiner Kenntnis nach wollte das Kaiserreich geeignetes Militärpersonal für das verbündete Osmanische Reich anwerben. Man lockte mit einem orientalischen Erlebnis und einer "Beförderung". So wurde z.B. aus einem deutschen Hauptmann ein osmanischer Major. Um die
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