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  1. Looks like Ki Buun Chokyu across the top and possibly someone like Dr. Mike Bortner can assist you with the balance of the translation. Here's a link to his site where you can obtain contact info. http://www.gethistorytoday.com/ Don't want to rain on your parade but that kanji sure looks glossy. Like it was done recently. Might want to post it on WAF, Mike's a member there and will probably comment on your piece. Kind regards, Stu
  2. Frank, I think that both your buckles are authentic although the "feet" on the SA are indeed very seldom seen as Rob has said. I have similar ones on a very early HJ and on an R.S&S Heer so I know they do exist. In the future if you have used a lens, the optical qualities of which are known to cause distortion, tell us about it. That way we can compensate somewhat for the inconsistencies we note. It's also very helpful to use correct lighting. You don't have to be a collector to see that much of the SA buckle cannot be seen due to the glare. You really can't expect folks to pay money for something they can't see. Your father may well have brought back some or all of those items. I don't doubt you although not knowing you I'd not place any stock in the story. What I do know, because I've run across it more than once in my time, is that vets, sometimes years after their return, wished they had brought some souvenirs home. So they went out and picked up a few things. Maybe they had some items and wanted another such as the iconic Iron Cross in particular. Reproductions were plentiful in the 1960s and lots ended up in vets shadow boxes as reminders of their time in service. The vets did not do this to deceive as they themselves often did not know what they were buying. After all, to many a collector one EK looks just like all the rest. These items get outed years later when relatives attempt sales much as you are doing now. In light of the above Rob's request to discuss your buckles was not unreasonable. Your reply however was out of line and an apology is in order. As your sale thread will disappear in time I'm going to copy your response to him here so that others will know what your attitude was like. It may provide them with some insight that will assist them in deciding if it's worth dealing with you in the future. "Ha Ha Ha.. People will never know how stupid you are if you don't open your mouth. My father came back from WWII and these buckles, the unfired P-38 in a shoulder holster, the 1893 Austrian costabulary revolver, the Velo-Dog folding trigger hammerless revolver, the General Schutz medal (that I sold Paul C a year ago) and several shoe boxes of other small German war memorbilia that has all been untouched since '45. Unless they were making repo's back then .. everything I have is absolutely authentic. That said, let me add that I am not a collector and don't give a hoot what it sells for as long as it seems like fair price but not being a collector, how can I possibly put a price on various items? Last year, my dealing with Rick and Paul was just great.. seems like the folks over in this category don't like a newbe or like to give newbies a hard time. I'm not here to give anyone a hard time .. I just want to sell the stuff, ship it out and make sure the buyer is happy. Make me an offer on anything and to meet the category guidelines lets put the SA buckle at $250 and the NSBO buckle at $300. Not being able to fix a price on the values I may be high so make me an offer if you're interested. Thank you all for the interesting Sunday night .. from deep within the Arizona high desert .. thank you. " Stu
  3. Hello Rich, Rich, I thought I had PM'd my thanks to you but if not (memory is not what it once was) then I was indeed remiss and offer an apology. I hope you will accept it. I do appreciate the assistance. Thank you. Kind regards, Stu
  4. Hello, The markings shown are located on the liner of a WWII IJN helmet. I'd appreciate any assistance you could offer with regards to a translation. Thank you. Regards, Stu
  5. has not set their status

  6. Hi Dieter, My understanding is that these awards were never cased. Possibly there was an envelope or packet of some sort but I am not sure on that. Regards, Stu
  7. Hello Dieter3, Here are the mentioned particulars... 10 stands for ?10 free postage worldwide(if you need more then 10 just let me know) if interested please email garywalsh77@hotmail.com Gary may be a member here, I don't know. I know several members that have made purchases from him and all have been satisfied. Regards, Stu
  8. Hello Paul, Thanks for the confirmation on the small dove type. As always your assistance is appreciated. Dieter3...the stand you see it sitting upon is acrylic and available quite inexpensively from a fellow I am acquainted with over on the WAF. I do not have his particulars immediately at hand but will add them in here later today. This picture I am going to attach now has nothing to do with Japanese awards but will show you the stands in greater detail. They fit almost all TR and Japanese awards I have come across. Regards, Stu
  9. Hello Alex, That's a fine medal indeed and one that I look forward to adding into my collection this year. Regards, Stu
  10. Hi Guys, I have the option of adding this one to my collection and after having studied it in hand and compared it to those depicted in the O.M.S.A. monograph titled "Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated States (Third Edition) I'm feeling it's a keeper. Interestingly it appears to be the less often found Small Dove version although that may not be easily seen without posting a side by side with the other version to compare it with. Anyone have concerns with regards to this one? Regards, Stu
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