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  1. Hello any thoughts on what these may be also any ideas on value? Thanks in advance Scott
  2. Hey jock, yes all things circled were also red flags for me as well, looks like the learning lesson is gonna hit me on this one... I thank you very much for all of your input and thoughts on this pin. Also sad due to the fact i have now found a source which i had in the first place who is selling a real one for less, with correct makers marks in better condition for 30 euros .... Thanks jock scott
  3. Hey jock, thank you, there are a few things that make me leery about this pin, even though i have paid the money for it ($42) shipped to me. I took the risk and it was more a impulse buy, it will be a good learning lesson for me.. as i have not been collecting for ages as most have here.... I have asked around a few other places I have been told many different goods so far about it. I do very much so thank you and respect your opinion as well! Below are the good things i have been told so far... Hoping someone has a picture or two of this same very early 1st pattern pin.. " This is one of the earliest badges, with a rounded square/oval pin plate. fakers get the wording correct more often than not, it's the other details they fail on: fake patina, fake pin plates, too large of a pin, too concave or too flat, letters too fat, enamel stippling, enamel quality, planchet thickness, hyphen placement, letter tapering, color, impossible RZM. This reverse has a backward S in two places. Kind of an artistic flair rather than a mistake in my opinion.... " , and then also another person said "i dont see why you doubted this badge? now show the front many badges have crazy traits like back to front RZM , upside down reverse dies and factory errors , i love em.." And then one last opinion i was told is " Notice there is also a different missing lower bar of the E in Arebeiter. To me it screams early early early." At the end of the day as stated above i guess it will be a good learning lesson for me to take more time and not be such an impulse buyer, i just did not want to miss out on this pin that now seems to have more questions then anything in my mind haha... Thanks again for your time, hope i can get some other opinions on here as well.
  4. well jock, i am not sure how to take that? Are you giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down??? Thanks in advance scott
  5. Hello what are your thoughts on this markers mark please. Thank you scott
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