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  1. I can only place him to some place names and dates, plus he must have been with Georg Sick as his servant. places: Carvin in August in 1916, Moorslede 6.11.1916, Lille 14.8.1917 with the 81 infantry regiment according to text on the back of photographs. I looked it up that and thought that places him with the 163 schleswig holsteiner regiment? Do you think so? Andi
  2. I never met my grandfather unfortunately. I am trying to piece his story together, I only have some pictures and some writing on the back of them. This forum has been great help so far!! :?)
  3. Berhard, Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. Andi
  4. Dear people, I want to share my photograph of Oberstleutnant Georg Sick with two other officer I dont know and my greatgrandfather in the background. I was told that he was Oberst Sick's butler or servant. I welcome any comments or info you might have in regards of this image. thanks Andi
  5. I thank you for your help again Bernhard. could you help me one more time with a translation of the sütterling?
  6. Lieber Berhard, Ich bedanke mich, Kann davon ausgehen das mein urgrosswater dann beim 81. dabei war? Ausserdem weist wer der mann sein kann? Ich fand dies http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Sick Anzac day ist schon toll, bloss in den letzten jahren wird es immer mehr wie Disney Land Parade. Als ich vor 25 Jahren es zum ersten mal sah fand ich es würdiger. gruss Andi
  7. Dear people, I was wondering if you could assist me in reading the back of the attached photograph please? I am trying to find out who the gentleman is with the Pour_le_Mérite around his neck, I found a site with multiple lists of recipients but cant pinpoint any one. much appreciated Andi
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