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  1. The first one is silver, and the second one is gold. The odd thing is that the silver one appears to have the silver color literally painted on - you can see the brush marks where it was painted apparently after installation. I rather suspect that it was monkeyed with post war. If both of the long service devices are actually gold, I would suspect that this guy remained on in some capacity in the Weimar era (police maybe?) and then returned to the Luftwaffe. The BMVK1XmKr could probably be ruled in or out pretty easily. There were, I believe, only like 117 or so of that grade awarded. Alternately, I'm wondering if this might be an example of someone who may have even been a low ranking officer in WWI, who then rose up the ladder in WWII - "adjusting" the grade of his MVO to reflect his current rank, versus the rank he had when he was awarded it.
  2. It doesn't really show up all that well in these photographs, but the swords on the White Falcon are gold. Also, there are holes in the two long service ribbons where devices of some sort would have gone.
  3. I'm in the process of trying to recompile my notes on my collection after a long "leave of abscence" from collecting, and I'm realizing just how darn rusty I am at this... Anyhow, I've got a few bars here that I'd like to throw out there for the collective wisdom of the group. Any sort of insights that you guys could share would be greatly appreciated. :beer:
  4. Picked these up a little while back, as Penal Battalion shoulderboards. Can anyone confirm whether that's what they indeed are?
  5. A little while back, I picked up a Kriegsmarine wristwatch. It's in need of some repairs (I think the mainspring broke), but is in good condition otherwise. Once I get it up and running, I'd like to try to find a wristband that is at least somewhat historically compatible in appearance for it. Does anyone know what the standard band for these might have looked like?
  6. An old thread, I know. Over the last few days, I've started to search around on the internet to see if I can track down who this belonged to. It seems that this particular combination should be relatively unique, especially given the Boxer Rebellion connection. Haven't been able to dig up anything yet. Any thoughts on this?
  7. I have yet to succeed in talking the current owner of it into selling/trading, but a THIRD example of the seven place sew-on bar with this ribbon exists. :banger:
  8. The seller knows very little about German militaria. He made mention of there being other items, but wasn't able to provide any more info. I already got the items, and thankfully paid really good prices for them: $45 for the long service, $48 for the Iron Cross, and $22 for the tab.
  9. The antique store where I purchased this also had a 10 year NSDAP Long Service medal and an EK2. All had apparently come from the same estate sale. Wonder if they might have been part of a group.
  10. You guys might be onto something. Perhaps this is a homemade example with a little creative license taken by whomever made it? The basic shape is reminiscent of Railway tab, so maybe the backing is recycled from one of them.
  11. Apologies for the repost (in another section), but I recently came across this curious collar tab, and I'm trying to figure out just what the heck it is. It dawned on me that it might just be something Freikorps related. Anyone recognize it?
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