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  1. Thanks for your comment. Hischmann was an NCO in the beginning of the war and was graduate during the war. Then he received all of his awards (except the EK2) as Leutnant. Christophe
  2. Hello I have this photo from my collection. the ribbon bar belonged to Leutnant d.R. Ernst Hischmann Nice combo with Prussian, Baden and Hohenzollern ribbons. Christophe
  3. Hi Over the years I managed to reunite a lot of photos from this unit LIR 133. The photos come from the collection of Oberleutnant d.R. Kurt Lüder. Between parade, regimental life and others, we have a good overview of the life at that time. There must be more photos, but it took me more than ten years to get them all together. I am still trying to identify some of the names so I can add them to the post later. Enjoy Christophe
  4. Hi Chris Not one name but two. Indeed, this combo is not unique (too bad). - Leutnant d.R. Fritz Berthold from LIR 103 (died in 1916) - Leutnant d.R. Arnold Landgrebe from RIR 101 (died in 1916) Both officers were born in Gera that explain why they received the RE3X Christophe
  5. Hi Chris, Do you want only Imperial or with Hindenburg cross and or with TR medals ? Christophe
  6. Hello What a nice Godet ribbon bar. A real gem, congrats. It is probably like your first ribbon bar you posted above. For me it is a Prussian officer who received it. It is a wartime ribbon bar and probably more medals are missing. In the Rangliste from 1925, Oberst von Stephany received the following wartime medals - both EK, HOH3X, WK3XmL, BZ3aX, ÖM3K and BM3X, SA3aX, HH, LK - Before the war : KO4, DA25, Probably PZM, ÖF4 I'm not 100% this bar belonged to von Stephany, but for sure this officer received the same combo in a moment and he has probab
  7. Hi, Here is some new photos I have received recently from LIR 133 (Saxon unit) Christophe
  8. Hi, If it is Karl Thom, this is not the knight cross he received but the MEMBER cross with X on August 1918. Karl Thom was born in Freystadt in 1893 Christophe
  9. Hello Here is the Soden's ribbon bar sold by Kube in October 2002 (ex collection Siebentritt). Christophe
  10. HI Another example. Here is Oberst Bernhard von Süßmilch from IR 139. In the first photo he is wearing his big medal bar for officiel photo. Here is ribbon bar. On the second photo, the same officer has chosen to wear only its wartime medals. Even if they received a lot of medals before the war, for those kind of officers the real medals are the wartime medals Christophe
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