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  1. Hi Very nice group. Have you got the first name of the Major Jordan. He received the SE3X from Schwarzburg Rudolstadt on 9 december 1914 as Hauptmann. It is interesting to see that Jordan has never worn the Hindenburg cross on his medal bar, even if he died in 1945. Simius has right about the Hohenzollern device. Christophe
  2. Hi Graham, The first cross you have is similar to mine. For me it's a textbook medal In the Nimmergut's Deutsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen, the second medal you show is a variant Christophe
  3. Hi Graham There is something which disturb me with the 5 in the back of the cross. It seems that the hook has been repaired and the inscription disappeared and someone rewrite the number. You can see it is a bit different than the other numbers. Otherwise it's a beautiful piece. Christophe PS : this photo is not mine, it come from ebay
  4. It's not easy to have all of the crosses. Reuss, Saxe Altenburg and Saxe Coburg Gotha are the rarest. I need the Wilhelm Ernst cross. Not easy to find one in good condition to reasonnable price ­čś¬
  5. Hi Little update Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Military Merit Cross 1st class: 3570 Mecklenburg-Strelitz: Cross for Distinction in War 1st class : 428 Oldenburg: Friedrich-August Cross 1st class : 2339 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach: Wilhelm Ernst War Cross, the number is 368 Saxe-Altenburg: Duke Ernst Medal 1st Class with Swords : 85 W├╝rttemberg: Wilhelm Cross with Swords & Crown : 119 W├╝rttemberg: Wilhelm Cross with Swords : 5318 Source : Volle (Henning), Stiftungen und Erneuerungen von deutschen Orden und Ehrenzeichen im Ersten Weltkrieg,, Offenbach, Phaleristischer Verlag Autengruber, 2014, 150 p.
  6. @Graham : you have another nice medal, congrats. @Komtur : You are lucky to have the Kielmansegg medal bar. It is strange that the SA3a he received on 24 May 1909 is not on his medal bar. I don't know why he never received the SH3 or SA2BX. I like the old SV3aX Christophe
  7. Hi Graham, thanks for your kind word. You have got two very nice crosses. Congrats. The most difficult will be to find boxes to go with them. Christophe
  8. Hi on the picture there is a small defect that suggests a line, Adolf Frhr von Seckendorff received the Reu├č Ehrenkreuz 3rd class with X and crown as Dave said above. Christophe
  9. Hi everybody Looking for information about one Saxon officer, I have found that he had received the HOH3X after his death. Is it possible ?If my memory is OK, I remember that the Prussians did not award decorations posthumously. The officer : Lt Christoph Frhr von Welck from GR 101(1894-1918). His exact date of death is 28.9.1918. In the Geile's book about Hohenzollern, the author gave the date of award on 19.10.1918. I know that in the Milit├Ąr Wochenblatt, the delay between date of award and date of publication is one month. He will probably received the knight cross on the beginning of September. If someone has more informations about von Welck, it will be much appreciate. Thanks for your help Christophe
  10. I dig in German sources but nothing till now. May be this mystery will stay mystery
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