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  1. Hi, I have in my Saxon database and I have found nothing more than Blackcowboy. This is probably a retired officer who served in the back of the front. For that we should read the Saxon Rangliste Christophe
  2. Hi Here is all awards of Dossenbach Croix de chevalier de l’ordre Pour le Mérite, le 11 novembre 1916, Croix de fer de 2e classe, le 20 septembre 1914, Croix de fer de 1re classe, le 23 novembre 1914, Croix de chevalier avec épées de l’ordre royal de la maison de Hohenzollern, le 21 octobre 1916, Croix de chevalier de l‘ordre du mérite militaire Charles Frédéric de Bade, le 12 décembre 1916, Croix de chevalier de 2e classe avec épées de l‘ordre du lion de Zähringen, le 1er juin 1915, Croix du mérite militaire de 2e classe du Mecklembourg Schwerin, le 15 septembre 1914, Croix du mérite militaire de 1re classe du Mecklembourg Schwerin, le 29 septembre 1916, Brevet de pilote prussien, le 4 juin 1916, Coupe d’honneur pour victoire en combat aérien, le I the past I have one ribbon bar which may belonged to Dossenbach Christophe
  3. Thanks for your help. The text in on the back of one Saxon Jäger Bataillon officer card. For me it's a Leutnant. I can't find him on my saxon list Christophe
  4. Hello, Can someone help me to id the two officer's name please ? It is for a friend. Thanks a lot Christophe
  5. Hello You need all the rolls which are published over the year. You can find them from Michael Autengruber Christophe
  6. Hi, If you want an interesting information about this order, Neal O'Connor has done it in English in his volume 3 of Aviation awards of Imperial Germany in WW1, if you read German you could buy the Dieter Weber's book, Die Orden des Königreiches Sachsen. If you want another info, send me a pm Christophe
  7. Hi, Nice project. Definitively, the third ribbon is for Albrecht Orden (probably 1st class). About the other medal, I agree with PKO4 and WF3b. It is not possible to see TR medal here like there is no Hindenburg cross. Christophe
  8. Hi In the O'Connor's book, volume 5, page 65 he "presented himself to the local command in Hamburg as a volunteer on August 2, 1914" Christophe
  9. Hi What a beauty. A nice knight cross 1st class with X of Ernestine House Order Christophe
  10. Hi John It is a Scharffenberg knight cross. Nice one. Too bad there are chips in the enamels on the back. After that, if you want it, it will depend of the price of course. Christophe
  11. Hi Valter, About the aera of your research, you need the Ranglisten from Prussian Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg from 1914. If you want more, just take Ranglisten after 1908 (you can see some kolonial information like orders with swords. You won't find the medal for South Afrika written in the RL) The Ehrenranglisten is very important (to know who died during WW1). And at least you need the Reichswehr Ranglisten from 1924 or 1925. It is enough to begin good research http://www.huesken.com/shop/de/neuheiten.html Christophe
  12. Hi Very interesting and informative subject. Thank you for the enlightenment. Christophe
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