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  1. Hi What a beauty. A nice knight cross 1st class with X of Ernestine House Order Christophe
  2. Hi John It is a Scharffenberg knight cross. Nice one. Too bad there are chips in the enamels on the back. After that, if you want it, it will depend of the price of course. Christophe
  3. Hi Valter, About the aera of your research, you need the Ranglisten from Prussian Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg from 1914. If you want more, just take Ranglisten after 1908 (you can see some kolonial information like orders with swords. You won't find the medal for South Afrika written in the RL) The Ehrenranglisten is very important (to know who died during WW1). And at least you need the Reichswehr Ranglisten from 1924 or 1925. It is enough to begin good research http://www.huesken.com/shop/de/neuheiten.html Christophe
  4. Hi Very interesting and informative subject. Thank you for the enlightenment. Christophe
  5. Hi The research may still be possible. You need to see in the list of the owner of the White falcon knight cross 2nd class with X and the Ernestine knight cross 2nd class with X and the Saxe Meiningen officer cross. After that, you need to write to Solomon to see if the name you found has received the Lippe Detmold cross 2nd class. But even with the name it is not sure 100%. I don't know if the Oldenburg's list is available. the fun of research begins Christophe PS : the list of Saxe Weimar and Ernestine orders are available (see Michael Autengruber or Daniel Krause)
  6. Many thanks guys. Very helpfull. I have just finished the Verdienst Orden update. I have not taken time to do the Albrecht now. I hope beginning this summer. I will let you know. Christophe
  7. Hi, Very nice ribbon bar. I think it is possible to id the owner of this bar. You need the Bavarian Rangliste between 1907 and 1909 to see which officer have received the MVOX and PKO4X (or RAO4X). I can see 4 small holes in the China ribbon, so two China's claps has been remowed, too bad. Good research. I think you can downloaded the Bavarian Ranglisten online. See the Orden und Ehrenzeichen forum and you will probably find them. https://www.digitale-sammlungen.de/en/search?query=all%3ARanglisten Chirstophe
  8. Hi everybody Recently I was lucky enough to buy this nice pair of shoulderboards from an Oberleutnant (probably d. R. or d. L.) from Grenadier Reserve Regiment Nr. 100. I have not seen a lot in Feldgrau. Christophe
  9. Your group will be nice with the ribbon bar and the shoulderboards ! Christophe
  10. Hi, Only four men (in my database) received the SH3, SA3bX EK2 Only one has the same combo, and three others have received EK1 only EK2 : - Lt d.R. Georg Dietrich (1895-1917) with EK1 - Lt d.R. Artur Emil Bauer (1895 - ??) - Lt Jakob von Hartsen (1891-1916) - Lt Egbert Kühn (1887 - 1915). congrats. You have a very nice group. Thanks for sharing it with us Christophe
  11. Hi, it is possible for you to show us your nice group of Saxon Observer ? Thanks. Is there a name on it ? Christophe
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