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  1. Hi In the Franck's above the line book, there is nothing else. He was killed in November 1917. He probably received the Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th class with X like he was born in Munich (Bavaria). It is a assumption. He received the Pilot badge and Ehrenbecher. That's all we have for the moment Christophe
  2. Hi everybody Here is a nice photo of Lt d.L Otto NICKO. His medal bar is very nice. He wore the - St Henry medal in silver, 6 October 1915 - Knight cross 2nd class with X of Albert of Saxe, 6 October 1916 - Cross 4th class with X of Albert of Saxe, 3 July 1915 - Iron cross 2nd class, - War Merit cross 2nd class of Brunswick - Iron cross 1st class As you can see he wore the Adjudant schärpe. Not so bad for a NCO who became officer. During the war only 1389 Crosses 4th class with X were awarded. Only 8 were awarded with knight cross
  3. This is normal, the breast star is like I said above for the commander class 1st class with X. There is nothing happened with the knight cross with crown without swords. Christophe
  4. Hi, What a nice cross you have there. A very nice gold-plated silver cross from Scharffenberg. Only 695 crosses were awarded till 1914. Major Oyagi Kumataro received it on 6 May 1911 The star is very nice too. It is for the commander cross 1st class with swords Congrats Christophe
  5. Hi the diploma of the knight's cross with swords of the hohenzollern house of Leutnant Prahl is on 5th September 1918. Geile gave the date in October 1918. Christophe
  6. Hi to be honest I hate to see someone destroying part of history to make a profit. I spend so many years and money to reunite items, medals and papers from same person to see that. I can't understand. We can do anything to avoid this. as it is my collection theme, I will try to reunite the album. Christophe
  7. Hi, Dave Danner has already put the name of Kurt Peltzer on his Baden list 😉. See below https://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/links/verleihungslisten/baden/ Christophe
  8. Hi Graham, Thanks. In Jacob's book there is a ZIECH who lived in Berlin, is it yours ? ZESCH in Stuttgart ZUBER in Pforzheim That's all I have Christophe
  9. Hi Hauptmann Alfred Wilhelm von Rosenberg Gruszczynski received the HOH3X on 24 November 1917. In the Geile's book it is in december 1917 Christophe
  10. Hi everybody Today I have received this nice box for iron cross 2nd class from 1914. I appreciate your comments Christophe
  11. Hi everybody I have this iron cross since a while and I have never seen if there is an hallmark. I can see one Z on the ring. Can you tell me which jeweler has made it. I have found some in the Jacob's book, but no one has made the iron cross. thanks for your help Christophe
  12. Hi Graham What a beauty. Not easy to find. 8500 crosses were awarded during WW1. Congrats Christophe
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