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  1. Hi Very interresting. He probably received it before November the 11th 1918. Thanks for sharing the info. Christophe
  2. Hello What a lovely bar. The knight cross 2nd class with swords under the cross is very very rare. Do you know how many were awarded ? Congrats Christophe
  3. Thanks my friend. Here is new addition. Photo of King of Saxony inspecting troops.
  4. and an anonymous officer who's been given a name again. Nice overall search job.Now Chris has just to ask the Bavarian Archive about his personal file. That's it. Christophe
  5. Hi Glenn, I have just checked the Roth's book. Simon did received the crown but in16 March 1920. For me it's him Christophe
  6. Hi Chris What about Major d.R. Otto Wilhelm SIMON. He was in the Leib Regiment in 1914 as Hauptmann d.R. Received EH3aX on 20 July 1915. I think it's your man Christophe
  7. Hello, I have found another name Major Richard Verstl He received BMV4bX on 16 November 1914 He received EH3aX on 12 February 1916 He received BMV4aX on 24 April 1917. He was in KB GS. A good feeling on this one. The photo has been probably taken between February 1916 and March 1917 Christophe
  8. Hi, Nice medal. I found a name in the Staats Handbuch 1863 Christophe
  9. Hi I have got Hauptmann Franz Sperr who was Adj AOk von Hindenburg. He received EH3aX on 9 November 1914. I have not the Bavarian Rangliste from 1918. Christophe
  10. Hello I started collecting when I found my first Mauser cartridges in a field next to my parents' house next to Armentières. I was eight years old. Then shrapnel, schrapnell balls, darts... That's how I became a historian. When I was 18, we used to walk through the fields with a metal detector to find our happiness. It was my time in the army as a research-writer in a research centre that made me love the orders of chivalry. I've been collecting them for 24 years now. Christophe
  11. Deruelle

    Gallipoli Star

    Hi Grahanm In his book, Mr. Demir says that there is no maker known who realize that kind of medal with hallmark 950. For sure you have a very nice one. Congrats Christophe
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