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  1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I will label this item as a reproduction. Thanks. Peter
  2. Dear all. Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far Any other ideas, options? Thanks. Peter.
  3. Dear Gentlemen, I did not know it was possible to squize so many ribbons on a single bar I haven't had any time to post this one until now. Any thoughts on this massive, 24 place, Godet Prussian bar? Best regards, Peter
  4. Dear Gentlemen, I received this little bar recently. Ribbons 3 and 2 look to be straightforward; a Johanniter order at 3rd place and what looks to be a Prussian general honor decoration with crown... But what's that on the 1st position? Best regards. Peter
  5. Hi Laurentius, Thanks for your reply. You are right, I hadn't noticed that before, there are 2 ribbons and loops for a ribbon bar. Here's a closeup. Regards. Peter
  6. Hi all, I've been wanting to share some of Kleinmann's photo's I have for some time but never gotten round to it, until now. The ones I want to share with you are some pre-ww1 photo's and some ww1 photo's. I'd like to start with some nice studio photos. I've actually also just noticed, it looks like the first studio photos are stamped "1901" and "190(2)?". Difficult to see. Up next are some photo's from 1914/1915 from his time in Givet, Belgium. I haven't been able yet to find this door in Givet via Google street view. If anyone knows, please post. Again, somewhere in Givet. Any translation of the names possible? Kleinmann is the one in the back of the car wearing the goggles. On the Engine Hood cover it looks like it says "Mariembourg", which could be correct since Mariembourg and Givet are only a short distance from each other, and Mariembourg happens to have a railway junction. Looks to be again a different building in Givet. Does anyone know what type of car this is? lastly some photos from 1917 of him in his office in Bucharest, Romania, as a Betriebsleiter der Militäreisenbahndirektion Bukarest. I've always liked the classic set up of these offices, so different from modern offices
  7. Hi all. Thanks for all the feedback. I have finally had time to blacklight this which I did thoroughly. It is UV negative, front and back. Regards. Peter
  8. Hi all, Any thoughts on this ribbon bar? Construction wise; it's a half eight style bar with brass backing and no device holes. The order of precedence of the ribbons is odd; eastern front medal after the long service medal and the Bulgarian medal in between the two Romanian medals... Regards, Pieter
  9. These came in today. My first foray into ww1 insignia..
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