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  1. Dave, thanks for taking the time and energy. That is very cool I will keep the chain and the bars seperate. Regards. Peter
  2. Hi all. Received this set yesterday. Interesting combination of awards. Ribbon number 7 is the 1899 Saxe Coburg commemorative Medal for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Duke Alfred and Duchess Maria. The round silver medal on the chain is the Duke Ernst medal for Arts and Science, ca. 1889 - 1896. On the back it says “princeps musarum sacerdos” or “the muses are the sacred rulers”. Since the Order of Civil Merit and the Duke Ernst medal are on the chain, but not on the bars, would these have been worn around the neck? According to the auction, this set belonged to a member of IR 95. No extra information came with this set so I can't verify. Thanks. Peter
  3. Dear all, Thanks for your feedback. Any ideas where to look for this guy? Maybe among the border guard generals? I did already a check on the border guard generals and was able to eliminate all but three: Leonhardt, Karl Thieme, Heinz-Ottomar Wilhelm, Karl Regards, Peter
  4. Hi all, I picked up this spange at the last Loesch auktion. Any opinions on this one? Most important question would be; is it time period? I'm gonna be honest, DDR is not my expertise so I'm out of my league here.... Thanks and regards, Peter
  5. Does the clasp on the 11th ribbon say 1897? If so, it looks like the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal of 1897 with gold clasp to royal family members. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Victoria_Diamond_Jubilee_Medal
  6. Hi Daniel, That would be cool there is not much to go on though. I reckon it would require a process of elimination based on what is and what isn't there - and all the bearers (around '38/'39) with this combination would have to be known... Best regards. Peter
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately no names. Also, I believe the combinations are common, so it would come down to photographic evidence for identification
  8. My thoughts also, huge amount for a weird looking bar... I did a quick look through the Generalobersts and GFMs of the Luftwaffe but there's no match among those, maybe in the lower ranks or the police...
  9. Hi Daniel. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I will label this item as a reproduction. Thanks. Peter
  10. Dear all. Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far Any other ideas, options? Thanks. Peter.
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