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  1. Hi Daniel, That would be cool there is not much to go on though. I reckon it would require a process of elimination based on what is and what isn't there - and all the bearers (around '38/'39) with this combination would have to be known... Best regards. Peter
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately no names. Also, I believe the combinations are common, so it would come down to photographic evidence for identification
  3. My thoughts also, huge amount for a weird looking bar... I did a quick look through the Generalobersts and GFMs of the Luftwaffe but there's no match among those, maybe in the lower ranks or the police...
  4. Hi Daniel. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I will label this item as a reproduction. Thanks. Peter
  5. Dear all. Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far Any other ideas, options? Thanks. Peter.
  6. Dear Gentlemen, I did not know it was possible to squize so many ribbons on a single bar I haven't had any time to post this one until now. Any thoughts on this massive, 24 place, Godet Prussian bar? Best regards, Peter
  7. Dear Gentlemen, I received this little bar recently. Ribbons 3 and 2 look to be straightforward; a Johanniter order at 3rd place and what looks to be a Prussian general honor decoration with crown... But what's that on the 1st position? Best regards. Peter
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