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  1. Hi. The wreaths on ribbons 2 and 5 look original to me. Some of my bars also have these. They can be found in plain and in enameled condition. Nice uniform set up by the way, must have taken a lot of time and work to assemble 🙂👍 Best, Peter
  2. Hi. Could you show the entire bar back and front? This device does not scare me by the way although it is a bit crude and rarely seen - I've only seen one other example in the past years. Patina and wear look o.k. to me. For me ribbon bars are as much about variation as they are about following regulation. Best, Peter
  3. Dear all, I picked up this small trapezoid bar some time ago, which has: - RAO3 with bow and crown - Long service cross - Centenary medal There is not much to go on here, but I found this old thread from Rick explaining a few things: https://gmic.co.uk/gallery/image/977-bow-tie-prussian-red-eagle-order-3rd-class/ Based on the thread a few questions: - Because of the bow this person had already received the 4th class? - 3rd class would normally mean a full colonel? - The bar does not have a Crown order 3rd class. If I assume correctly on the thread than this gu
  4. Pierce, I will. Are there any other sources besides the ranklist to check? Andreas, the Verdienstmedaille is also something to check. It is one of the orders in the 1925 ranklist so I will also check the ranklist for this combo. Good suggestions
  5. Dear all, I have this ribbon bar with an MMJO, which came from Zeige some time ago. I haven been looking for this recipient ever since. I recently picked up a copy of the 1925 Ranklist. Assuming the golden eagles represent continuous service since 1918 and ribbon 4 represents the OM3K (Militärverdienstkreuz mit Kriegsdekoration ), I figured our guy could and should be found in the 1925 ranklist. After going through the 1925 ranklist -twice- I found two names with the exact combination (BMJ3/BM4x/OM3K): Ritter von Thoma Ritter von Weber My most important questions would be
  6. Dear all, With the kind help from Daniel Krause and Paul Chepurko this bar has been identified to be from Generalleutnant Heinrich Schëuch (Charakter als General der Infanterie). His bio and promotions can be found here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Schëuch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Scheuch He can be found in the 1914 rank list on page 8 as Director of the central department (Zentral-Departement) of the War Ministry. He was one of the last ministers of war of Prussia. In the attachment his 1914 rank list entry. I'm not yet proficiant in this but I'll giv
  7. Wow, that is one amazing project to work on, congrats on finding all the pieces I love the color overview of all the different medals, thanks for sharing
  8. Gentlemen, These are beautifull items that have been posted. I'm more of a ribbon bar and insignia person, although my most favorite object actually does not really fit these categories. This buttonhole piece is actually my most favorite object. It represents one of the higher classes of a red eagle order as indicated by the oakleaves (and indicating prior receipt of the next lower class), and the swords and black and white ribbon for war merit. I aso use it as my avatar 😁 Would like to see more of these, I don't see these so often. Best, Peter
  9. Dave, thanks for taking the time and energy. That is very cool I will keep the chain and the bars seperate. Regards. Peter
  10. Hi all. Received this set yesterday. Interesting combination of awards. Ribbon number 7 is the 1899 Saxe Coburg commemorative Medal for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Duke Alfred and Duchess Maria. The round silver medal on the chain is the Duke Ernst medal for Arts and Science, ca. 1889 - 1896. On the back it says “princeps musarum sacerdos” or “the muses are the sacred rulers”. Since the Order of Civil Merit and the Duke Ernst medal are on the chain, but not on the bars, would these have been worn around the neck? According to the auction, this set belonged to a member
  11. Dear all, Thanks for your feedback. Any ideas where to look for this guy? Maybe among the border guard generals? I did already a check on the border guard generals and was able to eliminate all but three: Leonhardt, Karl Thieme, Heinz-Ottomar Wilhelm, Karl Regards, Peter
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