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    World War I postcards. Roman coins.
  1. Sorry will try to make a smaller scan. Seems it is too heavy. Eduardo
  2. A view of the destroyed third gun of the Wilhelm II bateria at Knocke, Belgium. Could someone tell me more of how this baterie was destroyed and whem? Thanks in advance. Eduardo
  3. Here I include, hopefully, two cards. The first one is of some prisioners and the second one shows german soldiers in front of the restaurant "Cigne d' Argent" at the grand place in Brussels. Eduardo
  4. Thanks Iver. It took two years and a month to translate but it was wroth it. I have another card written by a french boy to his parents thankibg also for the food they have send him and how he is saving a sausage to eat alone during his night guard. Terrible to feel in this cards the happiness of the kids for small things and the anguish of the parents at home. Once I found a group of some twenty letters send by soldiers during the Peru-Ecuador war of 1940. The soldiers were from small towns in the mountains and the address were so unclear that they had never been delivered. After some e
  5. Thanks Uwe. Then the postcard ws made in German times. Eduardo
  6. I have now the reverse of the Elsenborn card. It has a 1910 German stamp. I understood that Elsenborn was in Liege province in Belgium. Why German stamp in 1910? Eduardo
  7. Thanks Rick for the advice. I will follow it ASAP. Eduardo
  8. I have just bought this card. The picture was taken in the Ardenes but cannot point out when was it taken Enselborn was specially important during WW II but this one seems to be from the Great War. I cannot read what seems like a date in the upper part and of cours the hadwritting which, bsides being in Gernan is very clear. Could someone help please? Eduardo
  9. It has been a long time since I last posted a card here. I have been having problems with my scaner and waiting for someone to fix it. I believe that will get a new one and forget the old one. This card here shows a group of Belgian and French prisioners guarded by German soldiers and a Red Cross man.
  10. Thanks Jeff, Will follow your sugestions and have already taken note of the details you give me. I have been just informed of an article in Flemish written by Brone L. and Gilissen J. published in the Tongerse Koninklijke Kunstkring in 2007, that mentions among other things that on 22 August,1914 General Von Bertrab ordered that the men off the ?burgerwacht? Had to be at 13h. in front of the town-house. 52 men were captured and send to Germany (Muntserlager ? Hannover) They returned after one year. I hope to have the whole article soon and will have to have it translated at least in th
  11. Dear Gentlemen, I am working in an article about the Invasion of Belgium in August 1914. I have found some details about the arrival of the German troops in Tongeren on the 18th. Arnorld Toynbee explains that on that day the civilian population was taken out of the city and Tongeren was sacked sistematically. He also mentions that at least 17 civilians, including a 12 years old boy were murdered, and some houses were burned. I have not been able to find more details nor in Lipke "Rehearsals" nor in Pirenne's "Histoire de la Belgique". Could someone please sugest where I coiuld find mor
  12. I have found this web featuring a collection of Chilean decorations produced durin the war between that country and Per? and Bolivia. Hope it is of interest for the GMIC members. http://www.guerradelpacifico1879.cl/medallas.html Eduardo
  13. The defence of Liege dalayed the Germans enough as to give the French and British to prepare the defence. This postcard shows one of the bridges in Liege destroyed tho make the crossing of the Meuse more dificult.
  14. Hello Eric, Good coins and good work in the cleaning job. I can't read the first one but the second is a Constantine I and the second a Constantine II ( CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C.) Both with the camp gate PROVIDENTIA AVG. I will look again but guess the first one can also be a Constantine I GENIO POPULI ROMANO. Have a look here at my collection. http://www.grifomultimedia.it/adg/monrom/etacostantino.htm Eduardo
  15. Today in many countries, mine among them, we celebrate Mother's Day. My best to all the mothers of GMIC and I include a very interesting denary of Julia Domna (196-211 AD) which pictures in the reverse godess Isis with her baby Horus. This is said to be a base for all future Madonas but in reality I think it is universal or is there a better way to depict motherhood. Eduardo
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