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  1. Thanks for this info, really helpful. As I am a beginner to collecting, apart from the obvious poor quality of the last PAB could you please state what things to look for on the other PAB's Darren
  2. Can anyone provide any information on my two bronze PAB's that were found in the Narva Bridgehead area. They appear to be made of different metals and both do not appear to be marked. Any ideas on their construction materials and possible makers? Darren
  3. Thanks Paul, I'll check them out. Out of interest I have two bronze PAB's recovered from the Narva battlefield. I have noticed that one seems heavier than the other and looks as though it is made out of a different metal although both badges look the same and are not maker stamped that I can see. I have enclosed photographs. Any ideas?
  4. I am about to start collecting my first PAB and CCC but have realised that there are a lot of fakes about. In order that I don't make a mistake does anyone recommend any honest dealers/ websites that I can browse ??
  5. Please excuse my ignorance but is the gold close combat clasp plated or washed in real gold??
  6. Hi Guys, Thank you for you expert opinions. I know it's not prestige but at least I know the battle area wear the recepitent either lost it or sadly died. Not bad considering I only paid $140 ??
  7. Hi, I have an original Close Combat Clasp that was found with a metal detector in Narva, Estonia. I do not doubt the authenticity of the clasp as they are a very reliable source but I am not sure if it is bronze or gold? It has obviously faded / corroded with being buried for so long but as you can see from the photos it retains good colour to the rear. Other bronze clasps from the area seem to be a lot darker, any thoughts??
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