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  1. Hi Robert ! GREAT JFS CCC in Silver , also not the easiest CCC to find . Jan Arne
  2. Thanks Guys ! Dont think they have tried to denazi the swaz , It`s only the black paint that is removed , to make the swaz more visable . Jan Arne
  3. Hi Guys ! Would like Your opinion on this EK 1 screwback with missing screw ? Jan Arne
  4. Back of unmarked Destroyer Badge . Have got the RCC cancer .( Or more correct they believe it`s the RCC ) . Had to remove the right Kindey . Was a tumor between 10 and 11 cm inside Kindey . Was operated in end of July . Was at Hospital 8 days . Had no syntoms before it was covered under a MR scanning becuase i had some pains no and the i right thigh . But still have this pain in Thigh if I walks a lot , sems like that had nothing with Kidney to do . Since Eastern to Operation I had ride 1150 km on Mountbike without any problems . Jan Arne
  5. Hi Guys ! Loooong since I had some new Badges to show You . Here is a not so common maker of Destroyer Badges . Unmarked so called "flat back" . Jan Arne
  6. Three very nice U-Boot Badges . Very Very Good start for a U-Boot Badge Collection . Jan Arne
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