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  1. thank you so much, every time I see his name somewhere is fantastic. I read the book "Louise de Bettignies: Espionne et héroine de la Grande Guerre, so knew about her, amazing woman. Do you have access to these archives, it is so facinating!I I will now try to research more about this Mr. José Courboin from the Netherlands. If I find something, I will let you know. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply and explanation. I relaise that my grand father must have been part of the organisation BEFORE it became the dame blanche, because he was taken prisonner in March 2016. Further have you ever heard of Mr. Courboin, also called "Tante Emma", or "Bieman"? In a letter from the Belgium government, my grandfather is mentioned as being part of that organisation. Have you got any idea if there are archives in the UK other than the medal cards?? Thank you again
  3. Dear All, It is with interest that I read the above stories as I am doing extensive research on my grandfather who was a Belgium Agent (he was a Dutch National but living in brussels) during WW1. I am sure of the follwoing: He worked for Mr. Courboin, also called "Tante Emma", or "Bieman" who was, I believe, part of the white lady, "dame Blanche" organisation. My grandfather was betrayed and caught on 12 March 1916 and was put in the prison of Mons (Belgium) untill his trial in July 1916. He was condemned to 12 years forced labour and sent to the "bagne in Rheinbach", where he
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