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  1. Thank you gentlemen on all your input, I appreciate it, I shall give it some serious thought, in the meantime they will stay in my collection.
  2. I would like another opinion to help me decide on the best coarse of action to take. (A short version of what happened. Naming no one. ) Browsing through the web I came across a letter about a 1 WW Navy Sailor who had travelled across dangerous territory in civvies to reach home after a mission at a British Embassy, who later, after re-joining his fleet, lost his life at the battle of Jutland.) This person who wrote the story was the grandson of this sailor and has various documents and papers and the condolence message from the King, and photos of him. My Problem is, going through my s
  3. Delving through my box`s of badges I came across what I thought was a association lapel badge but it has a pin back and it appears it may be a hat badge , I saw a picture of one but was silver and enamel unlike mine appears to be brass and enamel, and they said it was scarce, could this be so? It is marked Denton and Down. Can anyone throw any light on this please?
  4. Wow!! Thanks JapanX for all the very interesting information on this medal, I have never seen another one anywhere to compare it with, thanks again.
  5. I have had these decorations for many years and have not found any information about them, can anyone throw light on them please?
  6. Egypt 1882 medal made into pin broach, 3882 Pte G Weatherdon 10th Co. C&TC. Looking up his records states `Deserted` but no more information on that. He enlisted for 12years but no mention of territorial. He came from Exeter, also found the same person as T3882 and came from Exeter but no mention of `Deserted`. Can anyone explain 2 records for the same soldier and if there is any information available for deserters in that period?
  7. Thank you Francois for your information all I have to do is translate it. sorry a bit late replying but have been unavailable for a while. Kind regards Brian
  8. Had trouble sizing photos appears to be bronze and sillver on the faces. Named Dubois on face.
  9. For about 50 odd years I had this medal in a box with some more medals and I am trying to find out some information about it . I know that Toulon was a Marine Garrison town , the Fachida incident was in East Africa 1898 I believe Captain Merchant connected to the campaign was a Marine in Toulon, it resulted in about 700 killed or injured. I have been searching to find anything about the award but to no avail like who it was awarded to and the significant of toulon . thanks for any information. Could it be just a commemorative piece and of no value as a medal?
  10. Thank you very much Simon its good to know the answer.
  11. I have in my collection a WW 1 Navy group comprising of trio and Naval MSM . details of MSM are ( J5067 G C A Norgate LDG SIG "Nonpareil" 1 July - 11 Nov 1918.) Can anyone tell me the significance of the date 1st July and November 11th. I know it was Armistice day but why 1st July? and was it usual to date medals this way?
  12. A Photograph of General Townshend, and the badge/medal given to those who survived the siege. The small badge I have is a White Crescent not Blue but otherwise identical.
  13. I have discovered a photo of 18 survivors of prisoners of war from KUT EL AMARA of the 2nd Batt. Dorsetshire Regiment amongst who is a Sgt Frank Castaldini 8695. also a certification from 2nd Battn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1914 - 1919 stating that he served his King and Country etc. I received these from his widow about 60 years ago and with them also was a small lapel badge with a lion and turkish crescent on it in enamal. I saw a picture of Gen. Townshend with this badge saying it was presented to all survivors. it is the size of a 1p piece. Could this be what Sgt Castaldini would have r
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