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    1. Possibly "The Emporor's Chambermaids" - The 14th King's Hussars, fron the capture of a carriage of Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon's Brother) - including a silver chamberpot. "The Cherrypickers" (aka "Cherry bums" or "Cherubim"*) - 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars. from an action in a cherry orchard (the later names from the tight cherry red overalls introduced in the 1840s/50s) "The Tinbellies"(also "Tacky Tins") - Life Guards, from the cuirass worn in full dress (last regt to wear such armour in action?). For the Canadian regiments, the only one I recognise is "The Vandoos" 22nd (or more accurately 22eme) Regiment, from Vingt-deux (22) (I believe that the regiment was raised in Quebec, RHQ in Montreal). Tom *Victorian 'bowdlerised' nickname)
    2. I believe that the 'Inns of Court Regiment', were raised as a Yeomanry regiment during the 1805 Invasion scare. The story goes that the Militia, Fencibles and Yeomanry for London were paraded for King George III, who, while inspecting the Inns of Court Yeomanry were told that they were raised from Lawyers and legal clerks etc. his reaction was to suggest that they should be called "The Devil's Own". Tom
    3. Just to throw another couple of nicknames (and try to re-activate this thread). The Highland Light Infantry At different times:- From their initials (and the number of Irishmen in their ranks?) the Hairy Legged Irish and, from the Elephant and Bugle on their badge The Pig and Whistle Light Infantry Tom.
    4. There was one regiment (Bedfordshire?) before the Great War were nicknamed the Peacemakers, from the lack of battle honours on their colours. Queen's (West Surrey) Regt - Mutton Lancers (from the Paschal Lamb cap badge) Army Service Corps - Ally Sloper's Cavalry, The Jam stealers or the Ascots (more an officer thing) Royal Army Service Corps - Run Away, Someone's Coming My late Father (RASC 1939-41, ACC 1941-45) referred to the Army Catering Corps as 'Knights of the Flaming Piss Pots' - from the 'steaming cauldron' on the badge Army Catering Corps - Andy Capp's Commandos, Aldershot Concrete Company Royal Army Ordnance Corps - Rag and Oil Company And I believe that, although 'semi-officiallly' nicknames "Di's Guys", the PoWRR were more often known as "The Squidgies" (but I'm willing to be corrected). Tom
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