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  1. Gentlemen, GMIC was formed as we were sick and tired of back biting and moaning and the general unpleasantness of the other military forums on the internet. We have made it clear from day one that we do not tolerate political posts. You may find your opinions hilarious and can’t understand why you are being censored. It’s simple. We have rules. If you don’t want to follow them or you can’t be bothered with them then the solution is easy. Leave GMIC and join another forum where they are tolerant of juvenile behaviour. And please don’t take this post as a justification to enter in a long conversation concerning your rights to bitch and moan as long as you want. As I’ve already stated the solution is simple. If you want to carry on posting silly photos leave.
  2. Gentlemen, If you wish to pass onto each other political comic strips please find an appropriate forum. I'm sure there are plenty out there on the internet. This post is now locked.
  3. Brilliant work by all of you. This post is a credit to GMIC
  4. What happens when it gets disbanded as it surely will, when the next government takes charge. Exactly like what happened with SOCA, NCIS and NCS?
  5. Its only been going for 6 years. Hardly long service. If they are counting their job service, give them the job medal.
  6. I was here a couple of years Charing Cross, Agar Street WC2. Built as the Charing Cross Hospital in 1831. Moved to its new site in Hammersmith in the 70's and this site became derelict. Re opened as a nick in the early 90's. A bit of cheat but still!
  7. Gordon, Less than 3 minutes walk from Cable Street is Sidney Street. Scene of the famous siege. Have a Google on Peter the Painter. Winston Churchill was Home Secretary and turned up for the shoot out. Craig
  8. Yes the Flying Squad is a real department whose remit is armed robberies. That badge however has nothing to do with the Police and would appear to be joke civilian key ring. The specials badge I will leave for others to comment on.
  9. come on guys the link is there you just need to research. In Beddington he would have walked past the River Wandle , that joins the Fleet that ran parallel to the River Lea ( Almost ) and naughty jack probably washed his blood stained hands there! So there you go a genuine Ripper medal from H division awarded to X and soon to be Z.
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