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  1. thanks guys will post more photos as soon as I get more awards:-)
  2. Here are some more from my collection. Notice that Marshal I. Konev is wearing the American Legion of Merit award (the highest of it's type) on his neck. Also interesting detail about the photos is the lady (I believe in naval/or naval infantry uniform) she's wearing 3 battle awards (order of red star, order of glory III class and medal for bravery. Pretty cool!!)
  3. Nice one. The gentelmen was from Belarus. He was a political officer (politruk) of his company of soldiers. He was aslo an assistant to the company's commander as well. Looks like he ended his military service in the rank of a captain. His wife's info is included as well (including his death certificate). It's interesting that one of his documents states that he was an agitator (political agitator?) of his regiment from 1943-45:-)
  4. Order of patriotic war is definitely an original. Nevsky is a tougher one though. Looks suspicious:-(
  5. My modest soviet award collection + a pin for a Friend of Abraham Lincoln Brigade for participation/support for Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War.
  6. Thank you. I figured as much. Never hurts to ask folks who know the subject.
  7. What do you guys think real or copy? I don't think its a copy. Not in the greatest shape, but genuine. Please share
  8. I'm not sure if it was. He was gravely wounded (skull wound) in January of 1944 and received order of glory III class for that battle. According to pamyatnaroda he died of his wounds in May of 1944. Cause of death Asphyxia:-(
  9. Just recently obtained this nice group of soviet awards. OGPW 1st class, medal for bravery and Order of Glory III grade. The OGPW was awarded for stopping the counterattack of German tanks. Sgt. Potapov destroyed 5 German medium tanks (Pz IV or T-4) in Zaporozhye region Ukraine. Unfortunately Sgt. Potapov died of his wounds (according to pamyat naroda site) on May 21st 1944.
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