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    1. His weapon and this ... Very soft, and guaranteed not to tear if used properly ... Very interesting Hogan
    2. Paul I too am interested, however there's no doubt in my mind that it is genuine, possibly may even be scarcer version? I have instituted a new section with additional details relating to it, as well as other unquestionably genuine items, on my website on my website. The heading of the new section is "Militaria Artifacts For The Descriminating Collector" -- The Non Paranormal Siide. Richard
    3. The prison was completed in 1811 and remained in constant use until 1965 ... 154 years. Here's their website: http://www.co.burlington.nj.us/departments...chure/index.htm Here's the wall where the photo was cropped from Cropped Different wall
    4. Yes ... Picture is back up and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    5. Here's a record for a soon to have become a high profile Killer ... a former U.S. Army soldier. This individual was jailed for a brief time at the Burlington County Prison (now a museum) back in 1955 while a soldier, stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ. He had been charged with carnal abuse. He was later discharged from the military with an honorable discharge in 1956. I must apologize for not having taken the complete record sheet. You all know him as the Boston Strangler who claimed 13 lives from June 1962 to January 1964... Albert DeSalvo.
    6. This was found on one of the cell walls at the Burlington County Prison Museum in Mt. Holly, NJ. It seems to depict one of the former inmates in what appears to be a WW1 Uniform. There were other sketches on the wall as well.
    7. This is interesting ... For those who venture to New Jersey I would recommend a visit to the Burlington County Prison Museum in Mt. Holly. The WW1 tunic and visor cap has nothng to do with the museum, however it was donated to the county and they had nowhere else to display it.
    8. For additional details on this and other interesting badges, please go to my website: http://hometown.aol.com/ww2po/page10.html 1936-1945For your viewing, a nice original example of a German Police Officers silver finish, two piece construction, visor cap badge. Ironically, this artifact was discovered in a box, along with other ww2 German items, in a trash bin and was given to a friend of mine, who knowing my interest in wartime artifacts gave it to me... Enjoy! AS COL. KLINK WOULD SAY "VERY INTERESTING" Hogan
    9. Read more about it here http://hometown.aol.com/ww2po/page3.html When you finish please view the remainder of website for more interesting artifact information.
    10. Could this fascination be related to their fanticism of the past? OR the unimormed complusion to part with their hard earned money?
    11. This may not necessarily have a direct connection to German awards however, is anyone familiar with a silver fineness mark 655F? If it exists and/or what country uses this marking?
    12. The official name for this stamp is: DEUTSCHE FELDPOST TUNIS P?CKCHENMARKE - Michel Catalog No. 5a
    13. Here's another recent addition to my collection.
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