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  1. Thank you for your comprehensive answer.
  2. Hi Please tell me whose medal and what is written on it?
  3. UKR -

    Afghan medal?

    Thank you for your help.
  4. UKR -

    Afghan medal?

    Hi. Afghan Medal of the XIX century?
  5. I mean that there is no photo, description of appearance, time of creation, etc.
  6. The sign is interesting, but it is strange that there is no description anywhere.
  7. Hi. Please tell me, did such a sign exist or is it a modern work? It looks like silver, hot enamel.
  8. oamotme Is this a souvenir commercial product?
  9. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi Please help, which country’s medal and what is written on it.
  11. Hi Please tell me, is this an iron cross or part of some kind of composition? Size 41,5 х 41,5 мм. Metal - nickel silver or low-grade silver.
  12. Impressive size - 6 mm. Thanks for the help.
  13. Possibly. But it seems to me that the awarded was not directly subordinate to the medical service, but was related to the service of evacuating the wounded from the front line. A cross with swords is indicated, and this, it seems to me, indicates the fulfillment of the task in direct fire contact.At that time, the division was attacked from different angles and often from the offensive, units of the division went on the defensive.
  14. Unusually thick paper. And so, yes, signed Herrlein, rewarding with a cross for the Vitebsk operation, in particular battles for the Gorodok.
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