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  1. Yes, it looks like it's his signature after all. Thanks for the help!
  2. Perhaps this is the signature of the commander of the automotive unit of this division?
  3. Hi. Is that the signature of the division commander?
  4. I already realized that this is a fake. After comparison, it became clear that the structure of the paper does not correspond to the German one, and the imitation of the typographic font was applied on an inkjet printer.
  5. Hi. Is the document genuine? Are there any inconsistencies?
  6. Interesting information. This badge was with this medal, maybe it is from this topic?
  7. Good time everyone. What kind of medal? I apologize in advance for the bad quality of the photo.
  8. Quite an unusual combination of Olympic symbols with the Iraqi army. Apparently, the medallion was intended for an external viewer, since the inscriptions in Latin characters dominate.
  9. Good time everyone. Is it a medal or a badge and what is it dedicated to?
  10. Good time everyone. What kind of medal is this?
  11. Good evening. Most likely, this is so, but it is difficult for me to imagine an interested, private company in Yemen that would pay for the release of this medal.
  12. Medal of which country? I apologize in advance for the poor quality image.
  13. Hi Which country does the medal belong to and what is it dedicated to?
  14. Thank you for your comprehensive answer.
  15. Hi Please tell me whose medal and what is written on it?
  16. UKR -

    Afghan medal?

    Thank you for your help.
  17. UKR -

    Afghan medal?

    Hi. Afghan Medal of the XIX century?
  18. I mean that there is no photo, description of appearance, time of creation, etc.
  19. The sign is interesting, but it is strange that there is no description anywhere.
  20. Hi. Please tell me, did such a sign exist or is it a modern work? It looks like silver, hot enamel.
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