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  1. I would ask if anyone has a cockade of assault units what it looks like
  2. here on occasion I send another cockade if you want a better photo I try and send.
  3. Momcilo thanks for the info. i have a few more cockades in my collection i can present them on the forum. any comment is welcome and I will be happy to read it.l.p Makivija Predogled priloge 20200729_131451.jpg 20200729_131451.jpg 3.9 MB
  4. Momčilo Excuse me im first in forum (on this page )is better now the pictures are up. I apologize for my poor English
  5. I am a new member. I come from Slovenia and I am a passionate collector of cockades ww2 and ww1 Borislav Makivija can anyone tell me more about this cockade Predogled priloge IMG-d0f36331ce20fc3ebc84193295f0937b-V.jpg Predogled priloge 20210123_154214.jpgPredogled priloge 20210123_154252.jpg 20210123_154252.jpg 2.4 MB 20210123_154214.jpg 2.8 MB Predogled priloge IMG-08a295a014c816533bb29163d312c7e6-V.jpg IMG-08a295a014c816533bb29163d312c7e6-V.jpg 244 KB IMG-d0f36331ce20fc3ebc84193295f0937b-V.jpg 197 KB Predogled priloge 20190617_165627.jpg Predogled priloge 20190617_170008.jpg Predogled priloge 20190617_200955.jpg 20190617_200955.jpg 2.5 MB 20190617_170008.jpg 2.3 MB 20190617_165627.jpg 2.1 MBwhether it is a cockade of assault units or artillery
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